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ABANS introduces 'THEFACESHOP' Cosmetics to Sri Lanka

ABSTRACT, a subsidiary of Abans, launched the fastest growing international cosmetic and skin care brand THEFACESHOP in April and would formally open their mini-store at Abans Main Showroom, at Galle Road, Kollupitiya on Saturday 6th July 2013 at 10.00 am.

THEFACESHOP "Get Gorgeous" event has been organized to coincide with the opening of the new outlet at Abans Main Showroom. It is the perfect opportunity for you to redefine your everyday look. You can meet our beauty advisors and learn how to professionally apply make-up for day and night time looks.

They will also help you to identify your correct skin type and provide a skin care regiment that will guarantee beautiful, flawless skin. They will even teach you how to give yourself an express manicure and pedicure to soothe you whenever you feel like indulging in a little bit of pampering. THEFACESHOP is a renowned international skincare and cosmetics brand whose range includes make-up, face and body care, hair care, cleansing products and masks. THEFACESHOP has multiple locations across the globe, including stores in USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India and Korea.

What is unique about THEFACESHOP range of cosmetic products is that it is derived from natural ingredients sourced from the most exotic locations. The ingredients include vegetable, fruit and plant extracts and oils that have helped to nourish and beautify the skin and body for thousands of years with hidden beauty secrets from around the world.

To go into more specific details about some of the products, it is worth mentioning that in their treatment for acne-prone skin for both men and women causing skin problems due to stress and environmental factors a Tea Tree Oil base is used in a range of products such as Spot Correctors, Foam Cleanser, Toner, Lotion, Control Cream, Control Essence, Blemish Balm, and Bubble Foam Cleanser, Clarifying Toner, Soothing Mask Sheet and Intensive Patch to solve the problem quickly and effectively.

THEFACESHOP displays an exciting range of colour cosmetics and is the first brand in Sri Lanka to offer its customers a wide and complete range of colour make-up. The 'Face-it' diamond effect lip gloss comes in a delicious range of colours to suit any skin tone and define your everyday look, while the Lovely me:ex nail polish comes in a range of popping colours from mint greens and fuchsia pinks. THEFACESHOP also offers a fantastic range of nail solutions such as 30 second quick dry which reduces nail polish drying time to just 30 seconds and nail strengtheners for strong chip-free nails. THEFACESHOP offers a range of base make-up and foundation that suit hot, humid weather and allows your pores to breathe easy. Give your eyes a mysterious, smoky look or define your eyes with creamy, waterproof eyeliners and mascaras.

THEFACESHOP also presents a range of Nature Garden Cleansing Bars. It is basically a handmade, natural soap for your face and body. It effectively removes impurities and make-up residue while keeping your skin remarkably moisturized. It is a pure vegetable-based soap and its added ingredients are also extracted from fruits and vegetables.

The base is high quality vegetable oil extracted from palm trees and coconut trees. No animal oil is used in the manufacture of the soap. Usually soap is manufactured using a chemical agent to solidify the material but THEFACESHOP Cleansing Bars do not use chemicals. It is naturally matured and dried for 30 days. The purity of its ingredients makes it mild enough to be used by babies and children. It has anti-bacterial properties which help troubled or sensitive skin. It comes in natural fragrances of Softening Grape, Moisturizing Olive, Illuminating Orange and Purifying Tea Tree.

THEFACESHOP range consists of many more cosmetic products for stylish, trendy and elegant men and women which you can view and select from if you visit Abans Main Showroom in Galle Road, Kollupitiya.

And what's more, Abans offer a 20% promotional discount on the entire range on the day of 'Get Gorgeous" event. So, get ready to pamper yourself, learn some handy beauty tricks and pick out the right skin care products for your complexion.


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