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HP introduces compact servers with Moonshot technology

HP Enterprise Business AEC and Pakistan introduced their latest server in a press briefing held at Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Colombo on Wednesday. HP Moonshot is the world's first software defined web server that will accelerate innovation while delivering breakthrough efficiency and scale. HP Moonshot web servers are designed and tailored for specific workloads to deliver optimum performance.

HP Enterprise Business Sri Lanka and Maldives Country Manager Shiran Perera, HP Enterprise Group Sales Manager for HP Cloud Solutions Asia Pacific and Japan Anoop Kumar Bhat, Regional Director Technological Services Asia Emerging Countries and Pakistan Riaz Yousuf Ali,HP Managing Director Enterprise Group Asia Emerging Countries and Pakistan,Vijay Balan and HP Networking Asia Pacific and Japan Manager Natan Tallack at the launch. Picture by Chaminda Niroshana

These low power servers share management, power, cooling, networking, and storage. This architecture is key to achieving 8x efficiency at scale, and enabling 3x faster innovation cycle.

Speaking at the briefing, HP Enterprise Business Sri Lanka and Maldives Country Manager Shiran Perera launching the new server to the local market said, the server was very much power efficient and very green because of that and condensed.

He said it was one tenth of the size of the ordinary server and the fundamental difference in the technology was using the processor of the mobile phone on the computer or ARM processors. Because of that differentiation from the traditional micro processors on a desktop or laptop there was a fundamental difference in this technology which comprises Moonshot technology along with chip technology of the mobile phone. "Its affordability and power consumption being very low can drive a lot of applications in web searching and web engines."

He said companies using these new servers could bring down their Op Ex substantially because of its low power consumption.

"HP's is clearly the most established leader in the cloud computing space. There are already more than 1,000 HP Cloud System users, 6,000 HP Public Cloud users, more than 130 Cloud Centers of Excellence with partners and more than 80 Cloud Agile partners.

In addition, HP also does cloud hosting for more than 200 customers and more than 40% of the Fortune 100 companies use HP Converged cloud."

Cloud Computing is a perfect match for big data since cloud computing provides unlimited resources on demand.

While two years ago, Cloud computing was appealing mainly because of its "pay per use" model (ideal in tough economic times), it is becoming more important because it is the enabler of big data analytic.

The disruption caused by the mobility explosion has reshaped the IT landscape more dramatically than any other technology since the PC revolution of the early 1980s.

HP has a broad mobility portfolio, beginning with hand held devices and compatible software aimed at mobile users, and moving up to both fixed and wireless capabilities that enable users to have controlled access in BYOD environments.

HP offers software tools that are strongly positioned for mobility, and in its services area, the company provides advisory and consulting services around mobile strategy. Big Data and Mobility go hand in hand.


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