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Baroness Thatcher

The daughter of a grocer who served Great Britain 11 years as the Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990 winning three consecutive general elections is dead.

The Oxford graduate and barrister who was dubbed the Iron Lady had divided opinion. She won the admiring nick name 'The Iron Lady' from the Soviet defence ministry newspaper Red Star after her January 1976 speech at Kensington Town Hall. For some she saved Britain. For some she destroyed it. It was said that she was responsible for the fall of the Trade Unions in the UK and that she exhibited ruthless behaviour towards the miners and blue-collar workers.

On the contrary: "Thatcher brought Britain back up from it's knees when it was facing a major financial crisis pre-1979 due to the aftermath of World War II and the creation of the Welfare State in 1948", her admires claim.

For the young conservative generation, she is an inspiration and a global icon.

Whatever it is, the division she is said to have created is still visible even after the announcement of her death. Street parties began in London and major cities creating a security alert. Parties in a few cities ended with arson and looting. That showed the intentions of the people who wanted to party celebrating her death. There were plenty of slogans of hate posted on social websites and also written on walls. One such slogan was "you snatched my milk" which referred to her withdrawing of the glass of milk supplied to the government schools pupils.

Ironically a majority of the young who protested and partied were not even born when Thatcher was in power. Anarchists, groups who didn't want to abide by rules and the law of the country and squatters lead the protests.

It was sad to see the attitude shown to a dead leader who made Britain great again. The protest song of the 1939 musical, The Wizard of Oz, "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead," was voted to number one in some music charts. Although there were requests from listeners to ban the 51 second song playing on the BBC radio, the government did not make any request or try to ban it.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said, Mr. Cameron regarded the matter with "personal distaste" but the decision whether to ban the song or not was "a matter for the BBC".

The Deputy Premier said, "it would be inappropriate for politicians to tell the BBC what the corporation should or should not play."

Also, a police officer attached to Scotland Yard made offensive remarks on her death. He said her passing was "87 years too late."

He also suggested the world would be a "better place" if Cameron too was dead. A school teacher who ran a "death party" said it was a wonderful event. An Irish TV broadcaster carried a banner "The wait is over".

The Trade Union Congress in the UK was selling Thatcher death party packs for sometime. Lady Thatcher said that the fact they felt so strongly about her more than 20 years after she left the Prime Minister's office was a tribute to the fact she had done something in politics, rather than simply be someone in politics. Whilst some were paying tribute to her, some were seeing burning her picture posters.

In George Square, Glasgow 300 people toasted her death with champagne and party poppers. The anarchists planed a mass party in Trafalgar Square to celebrate her death but that didn't work. They tried to gather supporters through social networks. Most people find these actions distasteful, offensive and insensitive.

Lady Thatcher quoted St Francis of Assisi when she arrived at the Prime Ministers office as Britain's first female Prime Minister saying: "Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope." The exceptional life of Lady Thatcher ended with a rare ceremonial funeral at St. Paul's cathedral with full military honours. It was the second occasion the Queen attended a funeral of a British Prime Minister. Roads to the city of London were kept closed and thousands of people gathered to pay their respect.

Even the Big Ben went silent.



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