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Tuesday, 26 February 2013






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India’s Janatha Party leader tells media :

Sri Lanka will come up trumps in Geneva

A large number of member nations will back SL :

India’s Janatha Party leader Dr Subramanian Swamy expressed his conviction of a positive outcome for Sri Lanka in Geneva on the basis of its outstanding feat of ending three decades of terrorism and safeguarding the lives of its people.

Sri Lanka need not have any fears about the outcome of the United Nations Human Rights Council sessions, since a good number of member countries will back Sri Lanka, Dr Swamy said.

“Sri Lanka has been able to safeguard the lives of millions of ordinary people by defeating terrorism. The countries appreciating and valuing the strength shown by the Sri Lanka government in defeating terrorism is ready to back the country at the UN,” he said in a special statement to the media.

“There is politics in a good number of decisions taken at international level by the Indian government. Those decisions are clouded and unclear because they are politically motivated,” Dr Swamy said.

The Janatha Party leader said some decisions of the Indian government in respect of Israel were naive.

“In respect of Sri Lanka, the majority are not in favour of the American proposal and they will not back America but Sri Lanka,” he said. While underscoring the fact that America acts purely based on its geo - political interests, he said its Human Rights record is left much to be desired.

Dr Swamy said no one needs to take seriously the utterances of the DMK since it has nothing to show before the people of India.

Sri Lanka need not entertain fears at all about the noise made by such political parties, he said.


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