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Tuesday, 12 February 2013






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Sociopaths in High Places

Impulsive nature

According to Dr Martha Stout 4% of the population in the world are sociopaths/psychopaths.

Dr Stout served on the clinical faculty of the Hervard Medical School for over twenty-five years and also served on the academic faculties of The New School for Social Research, the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology and Wellesley College.

She has written many excellent books on this subject.

In her book The Sociopath Next Door: The Ruthless Versus the Rest of Us, she advises developing an awareness of the nature of anti-social behaviour in order to avoid becoming its victim and proposes thirteen rules as self-help guidelines to assessing relationships and behaviour for these characteristics, as well as offering advice on handling situations when one encounters the behaviour.

Profile of the Sociopath

* Glibness and Superficial Charm
* Manipulative and Conning
* Grandiose Sense of Self
* Pathological Lying
* Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
* Shallow Emotions
* Incapacity for Love
* Need for Stimulation
* Callousness/Lack of Empathy
* Poor Behavioural Controls/Impulsive Nature
* Early Behaviour Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
* Irresponsibility/ Unreliability
* Promiscuous Sexual Behaviour/ Infidelity
* Lack of Realistic Life Plan/ Parasitic Lifestyle
* Criminal or Entrepreneuri al Versatility

There are many sociopaths in leadership roles. They can be in the industrial world, the academic world and the non-profit organization world. It is important for people to be with better awareness of this sociopathic mind and its propensity for destruction of others, as well as the major focus of this behaviour disorder – the need to win, and to win at all costs.

Lack of empathy

Suggestions for dealing with such individuals is presented to further assist the reader in becoming more aware of their methods, behaviour and self-centered focus, as well as how to deal with them.

Most people have interacted with sociopaths and rarely recognized them as such. They act smooth, very smooth specially when in the public eye. According to Martha Stout (2005) “The condition of missing conscience is called sociopathy” (p.6) and those who demonstrate this behaviour are termed sociopaths.

They are Chameleons of the first order, and often can pull the wool over the eyes of most people, no matter their experience or education level. Even psychologists and psychiatrists may succumb to their charms.

They can be quite disarming, for sure. They are not easy to spot and unfortunately are singled out for what they really are, usually only after their damage and hurt have been done and they are merrily on their way – remorseless – to repeat their venomous behaviour on other unsuspecting individuals, who often are admirers.

Many eminent authors in this subject have observed first-hand the workings of such individuals – especially their techniques, their callousness, their focused behaviour, their desire to destroy a competitor, their delight in inflicting damage and pain on other, and their remorseless willingness to do whatever it takes (unethical, immoral, or illegal) to get what they want.

The writer is willing to share his knowledge on this subject with anyone who wishes to contact him.

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