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Monday, 4 February 2013






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On this 65th anniversary of our independence, it is particularly incumbent on all authentic quintessential Lankan citizens (as opposed to the nominally Sri Lankan) to ensure that the spirit of the celebration is kept alive, when there are elements both extraneous and local, that are doubled-down in attempts to rob our freedom of its true meaning.

There are those who are cheering-on attempts to traduce the real meaning of freedom by supporting a UN resolution that seeks to take the country’s leadership to task for making independence meaningful, by ridding us of the twin evils of terrorism and secession.

The well meaning can be excused, even if they are too shrill in their criticism, and too impractical and perfectionist about the direction they want the country to take. But it is those that unmistakably carp and then sabotage the people with transparently ulterior motives that cannot be easily shrugged off.

Newspaper headlines scream that there will be a UN sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka consisting of various separate elements, such as the implementation of the LLRC report, the so called overstay by the troops in Jaffna and the Northern province, and the recent impeachment.

The nexus between these three issues makes it abundantly clear what is behind these moves to virtually intimidate a leadership that is resolved to have the interests of the people of this country paramount. There is a not so subtly discernible thread that binds these seemingly unconnected matters that are to be agitated at the UNHRC deliberations.

The LLRC report relates to so called reconciliation and resettlement concerns which the authorities have handled with admirable alacrity after the end of the conflict in 2009. Yet, interested parties are not prepared to see this issue in perspective and instead, are preparing to bear down on the Sri Lankan government, and demand for the extraction of their pound of flesh, as far as its implementation is concerned.

The cry about the North is with the motive of getting the troops out of the Jaffna peninsula, and the rest of the North and the East. Again, the modus operandi is clear. Get the troops out, and the North, it is presumed, will be under the sway of all and sundry -- that is all and sundry, except the Sri Lankan government forces.

Strangely, the third issue, the impeachment, is part of the same nexus too as it appears that through the agency of the courts, there was an attempt to insidiously get control of Northern and Eastern territories, and subvert their direct rule by the Sri Lankan government and its forces, which was essential, nay mandatory, after a decades of war and deathly destruction.

That the current agitation is on these three issues makes it clear except to those in some kind of pathological state of denial, that there are certain forces in the diaspora and the Tamil Tiger rump that have still not given up the idea of a master plan to undermine the sovereignty of the Sri Lankan state, that was almost miraculous left intact after years of debilitating conflict.

In simpler terms, the bid is to sabotage our independence, by fair means or foul and complete the task of subversion led by Prabhakaran by other means. It is why, this independence, the need for solidarity and commitment is more important than ever before.

Across all party lines, across the delineations of race, creed, class and social standing, all Sri Lankans will necessarily have to come together, to make the outright alien, and their handmaidens the unmoored locally spawned saboteurs, aware of the fact that we do not treat our hard-got freedoms and the true meaning of all that it entails, lightly.

The foes of these freedoms -- the barbarians if you will -- are lined up at the gates. They have the gall to use the same language (“barbarians are at the gates”, whimpered a rootless lawyer during the recent drama of the impeachment…) against the people of this country, when there are attempts to save the nation from all of the insidious enemies that are arraigned against it.

Those who have hitherto been pro-people, at least some of them, have been misled by the devious cunning of these people, and some have deserted the citizenry at large on vital issues such as the impeachment. But true Sri Lankans should take that as a challenge, and this 65th Independence Day, resolve to let out the most resounding cheer, to drown out the whimpering noises of the cynical, the jaundiced, the anti-Sri Lankan, and all the assorted varieties of naysayers – among them, the perennial, the opportunist, and the recently converted…

Ms.Pillai’s IMPLAUSIBLE stand

Naveen Pillai having failed in her earlier attempts in the United Nations Human Rights Council in March 2012 to humble and humiliate Sri Lanka on its Human Rights record, continues to rake muck in further attempts to save face at her previous failures.

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Tired of being called a nuisance

Though the National Human Rights Action Plan is now available in all three languages on the web (at http://hractionplan.gov.lk/), we still have a long way to go in getting information across about progress. The reports that have been received have not been uploaded, which is essential if ownership of the plan is to be extended to the public - which is essential for a National Plan.

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