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Thursday, 24 January 2013






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Is the Bible true?

I refer to Meril T.M. De Silva's reply to Shenali Waduge's explanation in the letter titled 'Christmas came to Sri Lanka after the arrival of the Portuguese in 1505' in the Citizen's Mail column, in which it has been mentioned that the Bible itself must be proved, to be true. I do not wish to discuss that Christianity was in Ceylon long before the arrival of the Portuguese, but would like to refer to K. Sivakumara's article 'Knowing Colonial Rule in Ceylon' in the Daily News, mentioning that the Portuguese brought Christianity to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1505.

As a person practicing Islam and accepting all Prophets/Messengers from Adam to Prophet Muhammed (may peace be upon them), I wish to say that the Gospel was written by more than 25 saints and not only the four Saints Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. I have a copy of the Gospel of St. Barnabas but it is banned to Christians and the general public.

The Bible narrates the life of Jesus Christ, his miracles and his sayings similar to the Muslim 'Hadiths' narrating the life, miracles and sayings of Prophet Muhammed, narrated by many Imams. Of the 124,000 prophets spread throughout the universe only four prophets revealed books by the Almighty God – the Holy Taurath (Thorah) to Prophet Moosa (Moses) in Hebrew, Holy Zaboor (Psalms) to Prophet Dawood (David), Holy Injeel (Evangelical) to Prophet Esa (Jesus) in Aramaic and the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammed in Arabic.

The Bible and Hadith were written by human beings, but the Holy Taurah (Thorah), Holy Zaboor (Psalms), Holy Injeel (Evangelical) and the Holy Quran were revealed by Almighty God and must be accepted in the language of the prophets.

The Bible has been amended many times and faults are still in the Bible. I am eager to know what happened to the Gospel of the other saints. There is a publication from South Africa which says there are more than 1,000 faults in the Bible.

Raw papaw juice treatment for dengue

According to a recent news item, the Health Ministry Epidemiology Unit has warned the public of using alternative treatment for dengue.

This warning also covers the raw papaw leaf juice treatment as well.

Yet the news item makes no specific mention of raw papaw juice treatment at all. Sri Lankan researcher Dr. Sanath Hettige, MBBS, DFM, MD carried out a research on raw papaw leaf juice treatment and discovered that it is a highly effective and successful treatment for curing dengue patients.

He has declared that it should be administered no sooner it is diagnosed that the patient is suffering from dengue, in order to prevent the patient from falling into the haemorrhage state. This will then not necessitate the patient being admitted to hospital. Dr. Hettige's study has shown that the treatment elevates the total white cell count and the platelet count and would help recovery.

Very recently, a child afflicted with dengue fever was given raw papaw leaf juice but the child could not take it because it was very bitter.

Her parents used their discretion and mixed the juice with bees’ honey and gave it to the child who recovered completely.

It would not be prudent for the Health authorities to take these matters too into consideration, before making announcements as it had done.

It should conduct further studies on the raw papaw leaf juice treatment as well. To those who have experimented, it is the cheapest and the fastest treatment in the world for dengue.

Transfer of vehicle ownership

At present, the transfer of ownership of vehicles are handled only by the Commissioner of Motor Traffic whose office is situated at Narahenpita in Colombo. Often there are delays and sometimes applicants are compelled to travel to Narahenpita from far away places at much inconvenience, to make inquiries about their applications.

There is however provision to obtain transfers on the Same Day Service, on payment of an enhanced fee. Yet those who pay the normal fee, should be able to get a transfer effected within a reasonable period.

In order to expedite this task and avoid any delays, I wish to request the Transport Minister and the relevant authorities concerned to consider decentralising the above function at provincial level, by empowering the respective Provincial Councils to effect transfers in respect of vehicles within the province as well as Divisional Secretariats for vehicles registered in their areas.

The CMT could continue to effect transfers among the provinces. Further the CMT should be kept informed of all transfers, for purpose of record. I trust this request will receive due consideration of the Transport Minister and the Commissioner of Motor Traffic.

Protect our Minister

It was published in a newspaper recently, that guns had been found in a residence in Kelaniya next to Minister Mervyn Silva's Office. If this stunning news is true, this is a very serious situation.

We are aware that nowadays security provided for ministers is formidable, but even in the midst of this security situation, if someone or a group manages to maintain a haul of guns next to the minister's office without the knowledge of the minister's security, the question arises as to how smart the group could be and how idiotic the minister's security could be.

Maybe there was a plot to assassinate the minister. We are so lucky to have him with us alive and the police have been clever to detect the haul of guns on time. We know how smart the present day Sri Lankan Police is.

We need the police to reveal the location of the find as well as the names of the culprits, if they have been taken into custody.

The police deserves the thanks and gratitude from the people of Sri Lanka especially from the people of Kelaniya for the timely intervention and for saving the beloved Minister's life.

May the blessings of all the Gods be with the minister to enable him to serve the people, not only of Kelaniya but the whole nation.

Police blind to Marine Drive obstructions

The UDA, CMC and the Police are making every effort to ensure that the roads are meant for vehicles and pedestrians to move freely, by taking steps to remove all obstructions, while at the same time prosecuting those causing willful obstructions. However on Marine Drive in Bambalapitiya, which is used by thousands of motorists as well as pedestrians who consist mainly of school children, there are notable obstructions on the road which have existed for well over six months now.

A construction site at the end of Castle Lane and adjoining the Bambalapitiya Flats, occupies almost half of the land-side of the road.

The contractors have not only placed three or four generators on the road, but have also stored building materials etc. on the road itself, contravening a clause in the conditions under which building plans are approved by the CMC. They have also dumped concrete etc. on the area immediately adjoining the road. As a result, school children are compelled to walk on the road at great risk to their lives.

During peak traffic times there is a long queue of vehicles extending upto the Bambalapitiya Railway Station, as only one lane of traffic can use the Maine Drive towards Wellawatte from Bambalapitiya. It is surprising that the Bambalapitiya Police are turning a blind eye to this gross violation of the rules. I suggest that the IGP or the DIG Traffic drive along Marine Drive around 1.45 pm on a week-day and see the chaotic situation of the traffic.

Water leaks on the road

We see water leaks sometimes in great volumes and for days, in some places, just in front of the premises of some people.

But the occupants never bother to inform the Water Board unless they are affected, although toll free number 1939 is available to inform of such leaks. They might be thinking that the government should face the losses by any means.

Can anyone enjoy seeing wastage of water when villagers walk miles for a pot of water?

This wastage, should be stopped. For that I suggest that if the NWS& DB comes across such leaks, it should fine the owner of the premises just in front of the leak a sum of Rs. 1000 for not informing the Board.

If the leak has been informed of and a reference number given but yet no action is taken, the officer in charge of the Water Board should be equally fined. It is a fact that the NWS& DB takes its own time to attend to leaks despite repeated calls. If Sri Lanks is to be a disciplined country, harsh punishment should be meted for every offence.


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