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Wednesday, 23 January 2013






Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette



Reportedly, the elders of Sri Lanka's considerable Muslim community are on the verge of making a formal proposal to the government to prohibit, by law, Muslim women going to the Middle East in search of Dirhams and Riyals. No doubt this is an immediate reaction to the beheading of the housemaid Rizana, who was sentenced to death by a Sharia court for the alleged crime of murdering an infant in her care.

Community-wise or otherwise, it is extremely wise that there is agitation, incrementally, to ensure that Sri Lankan women are not prey to rapacious employment agents and heartless employers that exploit the poverty of these females. But, this however is a vexed issue.

Any ban of women going to oil rich countries as domestic aides should be across the board, and should not be confined to any one category of persons in a given community, but perhaps the recent agitation by the Muslim religious elders and the leaders of the community is a start. The dignity of the women going for employment is paramount, as is their safety of course.

In that context, the first meaningful lesson came from the deceased girl's mother, who in a gesture of admirable equanimity and self-assurance, declined any financial aid from any family or organization based in Saudi Arabia as compensation for the death of her daughter. This should gladden people's hearts as it proves beyond a shadow of doubt, that these people who send their daughters out of the country in search of a meagre pot of gold, nevertheless place the highest value on the dignity of their kin in alien climes, among strange people -- though often the poor are invisible to the media, and are prejudged as being uncaring of any human fallout.

But the Rizana affair is certainly not an exclusively 'Muslim issue' in any sense and it is advisable that all Sri Lankans close ranks with the Muslim community, and show support for the current agitation for a moratorium on Sri Lankan female domestic workers leaving for employment in Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries.

Such a closing of ranks should also be seen as a display of shared values between two communities that are coexisting as they did for hundreds of years, despite the fact that there are intermittent tensions beneath the surface in this longstanding partnership of amity. Just the other day, the Minister of Justice Rauff Hakeem had made a rather pained statement that aspersions cast on the Muslim community should stop, and that all ethnicities should exist side by side or words to that effect. Sri Lankans couldn't agree more with the minister with regard to these sentiments that will be echoed across the length and breadth of this country, but any notions of imminently eruptible tensions between the two communities are also vastly exaggerated.

There are some points of discontent in certain quarters and in a happy marriage between two disparate communities, this is normal, and to be expected. But that these very minor irritants are anywhere near reaching boiling point is nonsense, if anybody entertains such a notion -- and not that it is being said here that the Minister is being alarmist.

But on the issue of reactions to the Rizana killing, there is a wonderful opportunity to reassert common cause, and therefore, the majority community leadership in Parliament should perhaps explore in detail the proposals made by the Muslim elders to enforce a moratorium on future female domestic workers embarking for jobs in the Middle East.

The issue is multi-faceted of course, and there is some measure of patronizing elitism also, to the aspect of elite elders of the community taking decisions that eventually effect the poorest of the poor, no matter which community is involved.

In simple terms, there will be other prospective housemaids who will say, why are we deprived of the opportunity to better ourselves by the rich and the comfortable, when we are prepared to take the risks? Of course that will not be a tenable argument considering the risks involved, but however, let there be a new inter-community discourse on this multi-layered and complex issue aimed at reaching a satisfying and consensus based outcome in the near future.

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