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Wednesday, 23 January 2013






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The Human Dimension

Would you change if this was your LAST 24 HOURS ON EARTH?

Many among us would give an arm and a leg for another day, another 24 hours to spend with their loved ones. So many are facing life threatening illnesses that teach us the value of life we take very often for granted. To savour the laughter of a child, to capture look of love in your mother’s eye ..to see a sunset in all its glory, to witness the beauty of a new dawn. Most of us take these everyday simple pleasures for granted. Some of us just pass life by, mindlessly passing these moments, never stopping to smell the flowers, the coffee or return the smile.

It takes a serious illness, a loss of a job or a demise of a loved one to wake up for some. Life is to be lived in small doses, in everyday moments that keep us going, ones that add meaning to life. It is the first breath of air early in the morning..the sound of a gushing waterfall…a child laughing out loud…a wife waiting for her husband to come home..

Would we savour these precious yet simple moments if we had a specific time frame – how about telling yourself that you have just 24 hours to live? Would that change your perspective? Would it add more flavour to your life, enhance the way you see things and enlarge your way of doing things?

Love and caring

We miss the moment and its joy because we fast forward or go back too often. We forget to live the moment. We are involved in too many things that require us to be selective about what we choose to see and ignore.

Everything does not have to be rationalized and compartmentalized – there are those moments in time when random acts of unexpected beginnings can add a sense of joy and laughter to your day.

We have learn to hear but not listen. We have learned to see but not look. We go through the motions but in the end, where is the joy, the fun, the happiness of life..it is in spending time with those who love you most, those to whom you mean the world. And often, what they are looking for are not big things but a hug that says everything’s ok, a look that confirms it and a moment in time that assures of your love and caring, a moment that will stay frozen in time for always.

Let us try to stop and smell the flowers. Let us find that moment to pause, to listen to a song, let it set the tune for the day and maybe hum it through the day..let us watch the sunset and be transformed by its beauty…let us sit still for a moment in time and assure someone we love that we are there for them, no matter what.

Life is so fragile that it could break at a moment’s notice. A loved one may pass away before you have had the opportunity to say you love them. Children grow up faster than you could grasp the moments spent doing things you still love doing but they no longer do. The world changes sometimes beyond compare. And you don’t want to be the one wondering what happened, where it all went.

Human spirit

Time and opportunity waits for no one. We can still find the occasion to say what you have been always wanting to say but never had the time. We can always go on that trip you have always wanted to go on but never could find the time. Sit still, stand away from the crowd. The world is a lovely place still if you care to look beneath the rot and the sadness. For every individual who chooses to end his or her life, there are thousands who would give a wealth away for one more moment.

There are those who regret for a lifetime one word spoken carelessly. There are those who spend a lifetime wishing they had spoken one precious word. There are others who wish they could say things bottled up inside. The moment never comes - rather, they never seize the moment to make a difference. Life is to be lived and enjoyed, not endured. The sooner you learn the power of it, the easier life becomes to live. Life is not always about what is expensive, what is right or what needs to be done.

It is also about doing things that bring out the beauty of the human spirit, the power of love in our lives and the ability for us to connect.

Discovering those precious moments enjoying them and enabling others to enjoy that moment are the most precious memories anyone can have.

Let us strive to do something special today. Let us open our eyes and start living the way life is meant to be lived, lift our eyes from the dreary everyday mundane existence and put a sparkle in the eyes of someone who means a lot to us.



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