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Monday, 19 November 2012






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Sinohydro China ahead of schedule at Moragahakanda

Key highlights of the project

Sinohydro Corporation China, one of the 25 largest construction companies of the world are looking at more opportunities in Sri Lanka.

The company which is involved in constructing the second largest dam in Sri Lanka after Victoria at Moragahakanda multi purpose project to the value of US $ 252 million is also engaged in several road development projects in the country.

They were also a partner of the Hambantota harbour development project.

“We have already opened our Sri Lankan office in Colombo and are looking at more opportunities from both the government and the private sector,” said Project Manager, Moragahakanda project for Sinohydro Corporation of China, Li Shizhong.

He added that one of their key features is the track record of on time delivery and since being awarded the contract three months ago to build the Moragahakanda reservoir they are already ahead of schedule.

“The preliminary planning stage has being completed and all other related infrastructure needed for the project such as warehouse, project office, bridges, roads and workshop and the residential complex is now falling into place.”

A roller compacted concrete main dam and two rock filled saddle dams are being built and the maximum dam height is 65 metres and it would store 521 million cubic metres of water.

He said that they hope to commence construction in February next year and the project would be completed by 2016 July.

However with the steady progress we are confident that we could complete the project well ahead of time,” he said.

Li Shizhong at Moragahakanda

It is expected that the annual agricultural benefits from paddy cultivation alone as a result of the project would be around US $ 30.1 million while the fresh water fish breeding industry would contribute around Rs. 1.67 million to the national economy via benefits from this project. Most importantly, through power generation, the country would annually save US $ 2.49 billion!

Shizhong said some of the key decisions that the company took was to maintain the picturesque environment of the area and award every possible sub-contract to people who were relocated due to the project.

“This has proved very successful and today one can see Sri Lankans working hand in hand with our staff in perfect harmony,” he said. As in all their projects all over the world, he said, that safety is a prime concern. One of the key points they wanted established by this measure was to make the residents more knowledgeable of the project that is shaping around them and to give them a better and rich lifestyle.

Sinohydro Corporation, with operations in more than 58 countries, is a Chinese state-owned hydro-power engineering and construction company.

Some of the local and Chinese staff. Pictures by Shirajiv Sirimane

It engages in architectural projects, electric power investment, housing, property and real estate, research and development and design and manufacture of construction equipment.

Founded in 1955 and based in Beijing, China it is ranked 24th among the top 225 International Contractors listed by the Engineering News Record.

Currently, Sinohydro has over 241 projects completed or under construction in 61 countries, with a total contract value of around US $ 25.5 billion.

The Moragahakanda project would benefit many people in several provinces and would help bring economic prosperity to many provinces.


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