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Friday, 16 November 2012






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An Italian lunch break

Typically an antipasto platter is the first course of a traditional Italian meal, so as to whet the appetite rather than fully satisfy it. At Echo however, satisfying appetites are taken rather seriously. Hence the newly introduced Antipasti buffet business lunch serves to fully satiate the lunch time fancy, offering a wide range of authentic Italian treats, made proficiently by the Maestro Chefs of Echoís kitchen.

Guests can relish the delicate flavours of Italyís most traditional ingredients including marinated sun dried tomatoes, Parma ham, basil, pesto, olives, truffle oil and a sprinkling of genuine Italian gusto. The spread lays out a wide variety of cold appetizers, pickles, homemade breads and grissini with a choice of two soups, in addition to an array of mains.

So if anyone is in a rush to return to the busy office, then a quick bite of Spaghetti alla carbonara (spaghetti with pancetta bacon, egg yolk, parmesan and fresh cream), Risotto ai fuitte di mare (risotto with seafood and light tomato sauce), Raviolo di manzo ai Quattro formaggi (beef ravioli with four cheese sauces) or Braciola di maiale in salsa al vino rosso e albocochche (grilled pork chop with red wine sauce and apricot) may be all what one needs for the quick mid-day respite.

If one is conscious of calories, a Crema di Zucca con amaretti (pumpkin soup with amaretti biscuits) or Vegetable Minestrone soup and a light salad with some warm bread and traditional dips, maybe all thatís needed to satisfy an appetite. But if guests prefer taking the time and enjoying their meal, as real Italians do, then the buffet offers eight mains, over 14 salads and appetizers and over 10 dressings and purees to indulge in. There is also the main course and dessert off the a-la-carte menu.

This business lunch will be on from 12 noon to 2.30pm, Monday to Friday at the Echo. You no longer have to battle with difficult decisions of what to order, as now, you can taste a little bit of it all.


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