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Friday, 26 October 2012






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DSI Samson Group shines at NCE Awards

The DSI Samson Group was recognized at the NCE Exports Awards 2011 which was organized by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka, displaying their well-placed foundation in the national export sector.

Having received two Gold awards in the Agriculture Value-Added (Large) and (Medium) divisions and a Silver award in the Agriculture Value-Added (Medium) division and a Merit award in the Agriculture Value-Added (Medium) division, four of the DSI Samson Group's companies have achieved excellence in these diverse sectors for their outstanding perfomances towards enhancing the national export trade.

Samson Rubber Products (Pvt) Ltd. and Samson International PLC, the two Gold award winners, are specialized in the manufacturing of rubber products with over 40 years of collective experience in the highly competitive rubber industry, having pioneered rubber production in Sri Lanka at a time when it was in great demand. While SIL strictly caters towards manufacturing of rubber-based products such as hot water bottles, jar rings, household and industrial mats, the SRP branches out into Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Recycled Rubber, NBR, SBR, NEOPRENE, Polypropylene HDPE & LDPE, PE, PET, Nylon, EVA and PVC as well, producing moulded rubber products such as solid tyres, solid wheels, caster wheels, tie down straps, pallet bands, truck strings, crutch tips, animal teats, automobile accessories, boat rollers, ice hockey pucks, sink cleaners, railway rubber pads, EVA buoys, shoe soles, thongs for rubber slippers, bicycle accessories, flower pots and plastic water bottles., SIL provides a great service towards the country by enabling local villagers find employment in their facilities.

The Silver award winner, D. Samson Industries (Pvt) Ltd.., is the leading footwear manufacturer and exporter in the country, supplying various footwear items such as canvas shoes, sandals, slippers and boots and footwear components for the export market.

Being true to their status as the No. 1 footwear brand in Sri Lanka, DSI has always employed the best of their talents in the production of their merchandise with regards to manpower, machinery and technology, following the most stringent quality control methods in keeping with environment-friendly procedures.

Samson Reclaim Rubbers Ltd., received their Merit award for serving both the local and international markets with products manufactured using end of life (scrap) tyres, which helps overcome environmental and health matters arising from scrap tyres. SRR produces Reclaim Rubber and rubber crumb applications, such as safety play tiles, sports, surfacing, animal stall mats, etc., using highly advanced technology and was able to compete in international markets with global giants.

Together, these four organizations export their products to several countries such as UK, USA, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Japan, Canada, India, China, Spain, etc., ensuring that their customer expectations are met and constantly serviced with the highest quality standards at all times.. Hence, their achievements at the NCE Awards, come as no surprise due to their continued commitment to excellence as the DSI Samson Group continue to receive recognition at every major award ceremony, with each passing year.


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