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Monday, 22 October 2012






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Shanthini's Coconut Miracle, instant hit in UK

For many people, starting their own business has always being a major hassle. Drawing up a business plan, executing it, marketing aspects are key areas that discourages a potential entrepreneur.

If one could get all these factors correct the next major hurdle is to raise funds. With high interest and collateral, only a few people now take to business.

Shanthini Ahangama

However it is astonishing to note the courage of a female entrereneur, Shanthini Ahangama, who had started a business in the United Kingdom with less than 100 British Pounds as capital. The business, which is located in West Sussex, was established in 2010.

Having researched the benefits of organic virgin coconut oil she saw a gap in the UK market for quality products and switched from banking sector to the health sector. Her dream and drive of strengthening ties with Sri Lanka, materialized and Coconut Miracle is a well known brand in the UK and has become a market leader. "What I first did was to import specially made coconut oil and bottle it in London and marketed it in super markets. However I have go through tough quality controls before the product was allowed in to the UK," She recalled. Coconut Miracle Ltd has a growing network of clients, located throughout the UK, including several large companies.

The business provides companies with a range of virgin coconut oil products. The service is designed to be cost effective and offer quality products consistently with exceptional customer service.

'Coconut Miracle ' brand virgin coconut oil is growing in demand and popularity as the healthiest cooking oil and has a shelf life of two years.

She also hopes to market other coconut based products, thus broadening her product range.

Shanthini is now delighted that she can introduce the very first UK Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil with the methodology that retains all the natural anti-oxidants and nutrients to the Sri Lankan market through Keels, Crescent, Union Place and Thalawathugoda.The company is managed by a qualified team who share the vision of health and wellness through certified organic virgin coconut oil for good health.

She gets her products from Coconut Oil from Sri Lanka. More details could be obtained from, www.coconutmiracle.com

Pictures by Shirajiv Sirimane


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