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Tuesday, 9 October 2012






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Sri Dharmaloka celebrates 74 years

Nimal Jayaweera

Aloko Udapadi - that is the motto of Sri Dharmaloka College, Kelaniya, which means the 'dawn of light.' The college has enlightened many students during a period of 74 years.

Vidyalankara Priven Principal Ven Lunupokune Sri Dhammananda, Yakkaduwe Sri Pannarama Theras and Sir D B Jayatilleke felt the requirement of a new Buddhist school during the colonial period.

Therefore they established the school on October 2, 1938. It was named Ven Ratmalane Sri Dharmaloka Thera. Sir D B Jayatilleke could be considered the founder of the school.

Its first principal was B A Kuruppu. Veteran journalist D B Dhanapala also served as principal of the school.

The school now stands on a land donated by late President J R Jayewardene's wife Eliena Jayawaradene.

About 4600 students currently study at the college. The staff comprises 165 teachers and the non-academic staff includes 30 members. The college has produced excellent results over the years. A newly introduced sport to the college was hockey. Dharmaloka students had achieved many triumphs since the introduction.

The present principal of Dharmaloka College, Nimal Jayaweera, has taken painful efforts to bring the school to what it stands now.

He played a pivotal role in erecting the three-storied building equipped with all necessary facilities. He is a pride to his predecessors: H M Gunasekara, D A M Weerasinghe, J G Fonseka, A C B M Moneragala, P D Banneheka, D T Thevarapperuma, L V B Jayasinghe and K C P S Wijegunaratne.

Before R Premadasa became the country's president, the college was of two separate sections: Sri Dharmaloka Junior College and Sri Dharmaloka Central College. The then Education Ministry Secretary R I T Alles took necessary action to make Dharmaloka College a national school under the Premadasa presidency. During its history of 74 years, Dharmaloka College had produced doctors, engineers, scientists and many other scholars.


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