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Its' time to get on the Bradby Express

It is the rugby season and on June 30 the second leg of the biggest and most anticipated match for the Bradby shield. In this 68th traditional match, two of Sri Lanka's oldest and esteemed schools - Royal College and Trinity College - lock horns to reveal the champion each year

For this year's Bradby in Kandy, once again the traditional Bradby Express will make their journey through to the hill capital with a sea of blue and gold fans.

This is in fact the third consecutive year that the dynamic batch of 2007 of Royal College will be organizing this mega event. The Blue and Gold Bradby Express train will take rails on June 30 from the Fort station at 7 am and hope to be in Kandy by 10.30 am.

"Last year we had over 700 people and this year we expect around 1000 Royalists, their families and anyone who loves this wonderful event", Isuru Liyanaarachchi ,the Promotions committee head said. There would be eight compartments in this specially chartered train which includes four for the old boys and their families, two for the students, one for the group of 2007 and the VIP compartment.

For more information on the Bradby Express train one can call Ayesh on 0773109897 or Mayuran on 0722215195.

Speaking to Project Chairman Ayesh Rajapaksha I got to know what they have planned for this year.

Q: This was a forgotten tradition for more than 20 years. How did the idea to start off the Bradby train come?

A: When we were prefects back in 2008 we wanted to organize the Bradby Train. Due to the war, permission was not granted but after we achieved peace the Royal College Group of 2007 decided to organize the Bradby Train in 2010. This was a dream come true.

Q: When you'll began in 2010, did you'll realize the complexity of it? How determined were you to make it a success?

The Bradby Express

A: The organizing committee was determined to make it a success. The decision to organize Bradby Express was taken one and a half months before the Kandy leg. The Royal College Group of 2007 received a lot of support from the RCU and the Royal College Group of 2007 batch-mates who were not in the organizing committee also came to help making it easier for the committee.

Q: What about the composition of this year's compartments?

A: Just like last year, we have got eight compartments - one compartment will be a VIP compartment to accommodate Ministers, Principals, RCU members and CEOs of blue chip companies. There will be two separate compartments for students and prefects, while one compartment is reserved for the Royal College Group of 2007 and four compartments for old boys, families and friends.

Q: This year, will breakfast also be provided along with soft drinks and dinner as well?

A: The committee has made necessary arrangements to supply breakfast and dinner on the train. Those who want dinner can contact an organizing committee member and reserve their dinner. Snacks, drinks and short eats can be purchased and mineral water will also be available.

Q: This year's Bradby would be held at Pallekelle grounds. Have you'll made arrangements for the passengers to travel to the ground?

A: We have arranged a shuttle service for the passengers from the Kandy station from 11.30 am. The busses will go to Pallekelle every 30 minutes starting from 11.30 am. Its free of charge for everyone. After the match finishes, all the passengers will come back in several busses back to the station and will begin the journey back to Colombo.



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