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Sunny Stories:

Reward for patience

Last Monday was a holiday. Father and mother decided to take Marshi and Hasini on a trip to Nuwara Eilya. On Saturday morning they left Colombo on the Podi Manike.

They would be staying with one of father's friends who was the Manager of a tea estate in Nanu Oya .

The teddy was no longer feeling cold

Uncle Sumathi was waiting at the station in Nanu Oya to pick them up. “So good to see you,” said Uncle Sumathi when they got off the train. “Aunty Tamara and Imashi are at home.

They didn't come with me because there is not enough room for all of us in the jeep.” He explained. The moment they arrived at Uncle Sumathi's bungalow Hasini ran to Imashi.

“Let us play with my dolls” said Imashi.

“No, Imashi. Let Hasini have a wash and a drink before you start to play,” said Aunty Tamara.

When Hasini was finally ready to play Imashi took Hasini to her bedroom and showed the dolls in her cupboard. She had names for all of them. “Sajini, Rossy, Binu...” Hasini liked all the dolls Imashi showed her. But the one she liked the most was the teddy at the very corner of the cupboard.

“Let us take the teddy too into our game,” said Hasini. Imashi made a face. “Teddy is too old for games, but if you like let us pretend Teddy is grandpa and make him sit on this chair.”

The two days they spent with Imashi, Uncle Sumathi and Aunty Tamara flew so fast, before they knew it, it was Monday and they were at the station to board the train back to Colombo.

On the way home Hasini whispered a secret into mother's ear. “Mother I want a teddy like the one Imashi has” she told mother.

“We'll see” said mother.

Hasini lost her temper. “I want one mother. I want one right now.”

“Don't be a baby,” said mother. Everything comes to those who wait patiently. Do not get angry if you can't have what you want right away. It will come.”

That evening mother received a phone call from her cousin.

After talking with her, mother kept the phone down and turned to Marshi and Hasini. “That was Aunty Thushi” mother said. “She has invited all of us to come to Sandun's birthday party tomorrow.”

At the party, Aunty Thushi had presents not only for Sandun but for all his friends as well. To Hasini's delight she saw there was a teddy too among the presents.

She hoped Aunty Thushi would give the teddy to her. But to her dismay Aunty Thushi gave the teddy to a girl in a blue dress. She gave Hasini a toy drum.

Hasini felt like crying. But she did not cry. She went to a corner of the sitting room and sat on her own with the toy drum in her hands.

“I must not cry” she told herself. “I must not get angry. I must not get upset. I must be patient. One day I will get my teddy.”

Suddenly she heard a sound behind her. When she turned her head she saw the girl in the blue dress was standing next to her. “Oh, what a lovely drum,” said the girl.

Aren't you lucky. I have always wanted a drum like that, but I got a teddy bear. I already have so many teddies I don't know what to do with them.”

“Why don't you give the teddy to me and I will give the drum to you. I don't like playing with drums.”

“Let us ask Aunty Thushi if we can exchange the presents” said the girl.

Aunty Thushi said yes of course they can. “I would have given you the teddy, Hasini, and the toy drum to you, Sanu, if I had known this was what you wanted.”

Hasini and Sanu were both happy with their presents. Sanu played a beat on the toy drum. Hasini took teddy to her room the moment she got home and looked for some clothes for teddy to wear.

It was raining outside. “You must be feeling very cold, teddy,” she said to teddy and dressed teddy in a pair of shorts and a t shirt which had once belonged to her.

Carrying teddy in her arms she went to mother. “Mother you are right about waiting patiently when I wanted something. I was disappointed at first but I didn't get angry or cry. Then suddenly the teddy came to me.”

Mother smiled. “Tomorrow I will find some more clothes for teddy to wear” she promised.

Hasini hugged teddy. “I love you teddy” she whispered in his ear.


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Ocean is Life!

My dear children,

World Oceans day will be celebrated tomorrow under the theme 'Youth: the next wave of change.' This year’s theme emphasizes that the future of ocean conservation is in the hands of the young.

Two thirds of our planet is covered by oceans. World Oceans Day is celebrated every year to honour the world’s oceans, to recognize its value and to create awareness of the important role of the ocean in our lives. Industrial waste is often dumped to the oceans and the waters have got polluted.

Oceans provide life to thousands of fish and plant species. Unscrupulous human activities cause much harm to them. Hence it is important to stress the value of protecting this vast resource.

It is good for you to know that World Oceans day had been unofficially celebrated every June 8 since its original proposal which was made in 1992 Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit was officially recognized by the United Nations in 2008.

The Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network are also involved in coordinating this day every year. The oceans are so vast and have you heard your elders telling that “Oceans are like our lives?” It is as complicated and deep as our lives and feelings.

As you grow up you may be able to read masterpieces in world literature where writers have drawn great comparisons between human minds and the oceans.

Remember that ocean is life and it is up to you, my dear children, to protect it.

Bye for now,


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Dreams are like a fruit salad in a crystal bowl,
Where there are so many things to imagine.
Dreams are like a host of angels, in a dreamland,
Where there is plenty of pleasure to share.
Dreams are like so many stars, shining in space,
Where we all kids can have some fun.
Dreams are like a garden filled with flowers,
Where so many birds gather to sing.
Dreams are like a flock of birds,
Where we can see them flying by.
Dreams are like a string of beads,
Where each dream is joined with one another.
Dreams are like a necklace full of diamonds.
Where we can see them glittering by.
Dreams are like a pot of gold,
Where we get confused, What to choose...

Harshanee Perera, Grade 8-C, Royal International School, Kurunegala.

My father

* My father's name is Nissanka Perera
* He is a very good father.
* He is an English master.
* He likes to eat rice.
* He likes to drink milk.
* He is a very kind person.
* He likes to play cricket.
* He loves me very much.
* I love my father very much.

I P Nirmal Perera, Grade Three B, St Sebastian's College, Moratuwa.


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