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The greatest truth is honesty, and the greatest falsehood is dishonesty
 - Abu Bakr


SL on remarkable recovery track - Part II:

LLRC critics and ‘goal post-shifting’

The multitude of voices that earlier questioned the credibility of the LLRC and expressed doubts as to whether the report would ever see the light of day, who are ironically now asking that the LLRC report be implemented, are only exposing their previous poor judgement and re-affirming their practice of constantly shifting goal posts.

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US shores up ties in Asia push

The United States is embarking on two weeks of intense diplomacy on Asia as it seeks to rekindle friendly ties with Japan and India while managing an often fractious relationship with China. President Barack Obama's administration has repeatedly said it has no strategy to contain China but it has been shoring up relations with neighboring countries, many of which are nervous about Beijing's rapid growth.

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The Groundview’s use of Cluster Bombs

I have just been sent a typical distortion by Groundviews of what I said three years ago with regard to an Amnesty claim about cluster bombs. Groundviews declares that ‘Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha, in February 2009, called those in Amnesty International 'lunatics' and their concern over the use of cluster bombs by the Sri Lankan army ‘rank idiocy’....... What new levels of spin, deception, counter-claims, propaganda and hate speech through spokesmen, ambassadors, advisors and other assorted apologists will the government employ to counter this damning new evidence of what can constitute war crimes by the armed forces?’

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Former Speaker K B Ratnayake - sportsman cum honest politician

A great son of Sri Lanka, an honest politician, one of the leading lights of North Central Province, the highly respected former Minister of Sports and the Speaker of Parliament, K B Ratnayake, passed away eight years ago, on April 30, 2004, at the age of 80. He was a fine gentleman, a man of honesty and integrity, a fine cricketer, soccerite, athlete, tennis player - a versatile sportsman and a thorough gentleman. Like his 'political guru', that fine son of Rajarata, great leader, Maithripala Senanayake, this son of 'Wevu Bandi Rata' - K B Ratnayake, served the innocent people.

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