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Higher education sector to be made education hub of Asia - SB

The government is in the process of developing the higher education sector into the most cost - effective education hub in Asia, Higher Education Minister S B Dissanayake said. A number of programmes have been initiated towards achieving this goal, he said.

Minister S.B. Dissanayake

The Higher Education Ministry has allocated Rs.100 million to six universities aiming at upgrading academic, infrastructure and research facilities, he said.

The minister said that Ruhuna, Colombo, Moratuwa, Peradeniya, Kelaniya and Sri Jayawardenepura Universities would be upgraded under this programme.

“The Sri Lankan higher education system is rapidly moving to world class status obtaining an overall improvement including achieving significant academic related developments’, Minister S.B. Dissanayake said.

During the recent past none of our universities was among the first 5,000 universities in the world. Even though, in line with the ongoing higher education sector development activities seven local universities have been categorized into the first 5,000 universities of the world rank, the Minister added.

“The Higher Education Ministry is engaging in improving the quality and equity in higher education so that all qualified students access an inclusive higher education system while upgrading certain universities to the world class states.

A world class university has grained international recognition for research, which implies a teaching learning process of high calibre and an equally high calibre academic cadre, attracts the best students without boundaries and produces high calibre graduates who reach the highest levels in their chosen fields. A world class university has a history of superior achievement making continuous substantial contribution to society. Such university has a management team that is competent and strategic while having the capacity to mobilize financial resources and has cost sharing for expanding quality and service delivery” the minister said.

“In accordance with the world rank Colombo University is among the world’s 1,000 universities and obtained the fourth position in the South Asia region.. Moratuwa University is at the eleventh place in the South Asia region”, Minister Dissanayake noted.

The minister further added that, certain programmes such as CIMA, CIM, AAT and a few more professional courses will be conducted at universities in the future. These programmes will definitely be a value addition for university pass outs.

It has been noticed that employment rate of university pass outs is around 60 percent. But the rate will reduce drastically if university pass outs have undergone professional courses and will be a definite advantage when entering to job market.


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