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Standing by the people

Come what may, the people's legitimate interests would take priority. This is the message the government is keen on conveying and the public is bound to find this very gratifying. This is a restatement of the purpose of governance as conceptualized by the best of political philosophers from time immemorial and we could not concur more with the state on these sentiments. Righteous rule is indeed the reason for the state's existence.

The recent resolution moved at the UNHRC sessions in Geneva by the US against this country on what are described as accountability issues, gives these pronouncements by the government a special poignancy. There is no need to hit the panic button over this development because, as External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris explained, such resolutions are non-binding in nature and would not result in any crippling consequences for Sri Lanka. Moreover, the state is on record that it would not be surrendering to any pressure from whatever quarter. The best interests of the country would never be compromised, we are promised.

The public could also be glad that the government has made it clear that no referenda would be held on the implementation of the LLRC recommendations. This is needless speculation and could be construed as an attempt to dramatize some current contentious issues. The state is on record that the practicable recommendations of the LLRC would be implemented and the matter ends there.

The state would need to guard against any divisive and emotional pronouncements being expressed on these issues by persons in authority because rationality should be the predominant frame of mind among the public. Persons speaking out of turn could have unsettling and even dire consequences for the country.

One huge positive that the country has acquired over the past couple of months which must be preserved and consolidated in the days ahead is communal unity and solidarity. We are witness to how the country's people came together as one to decry the threats to this country's sovereignty at the height of the anti-Sri Lanka resolution drama. As never seen before, the numerous communities and religions of this land stood shoulder-to-shoulder to protect the country's good name and integrity. This huge plus should never be allowed to be undermined.

The enemies of this land are the remnants of the LTTE and their supporters. These elements should not be confused with this or that community.

Accordingly, communal amity needs to be preserved and communal friction and animosities shown the door by all quarters who are seeking to consolidate this country's legitimate interests. Therefore, public emotions need to be handled with the utmost judiciousness and insightfulness. Let us be a shining example of a united and fraternal country. This is our ardent wish for Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, we wonder what became of the ruling party's plans to obtain a list of those SLFP politicians and public office bearers who have been accused of lawlessness. This was a step in the correct direction and we could be certain that the move to act against these criminal elements would have received the applause of the public. However, the people are bound expect concrete remedial action on the crime-containment front in view of the fact that crime has emerged as a cause for profound concern.

The state should also continue with top speed with its programmes, such as, Divi Neguma, Uthuru Wasanthaya and Negenahira Navodaya, which have obvious implications for the people's well being.

It is such projects that impact closely on the people's earning capacity and every effort must be made to ensure their success. Rumblings about living costs are quite widespread, but if the public's material hardships could be progressively alleviated, the citizenry would have more money at hand.

Concurrently, entrepreneurship at the grassroots level should be continuously fostered. Besides ensuring the people's well being to a degree, such efforts would help in reducing youth unemployment, which the state would do well to consider a major concern. The state would need to be proactive, thus, on a number of fronts.

Call for clear, coherent governmental policies on Climate Change

Statement issued by Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats on Climate Change at the conclusion of their Feb. 10-14, 2012 workshop held in Makati City, Philippines. , following on our previous workshops in Bangkok, Thailand (November 28 - December 1, 2011) and Cagayan de Oro/Bukidnon, The Philippines(February 10-14, 2012);

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The Human Dimension

Making children child-adultsbefore adulthood...

There’s a debate on in the USA over child beauty pageants - should such contests be held at all? Apart from turning children into child-adults, such contests have been known to bring uncalled-for pressure and stress into the lives of children taking part.

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The deliberate targeting of Sri Lanka:

How, why, and the use of Auxiliary Forces including Channel 4

[Continued from March 20, 2012]

Let me deal with what they have presented as their most damning evidence, the pictures of the dead body of Prabhakaran’s son. The killing of a child is always shocking and, unlike the celebrated Elie Wiesel, who excused the killing of members of Osama bin Laden’s family on the grounds that ‘it was bin Laden himself who placed them in harm’s way’,

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