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Wednesday, 28 March 2012



Romantic traverse to the days gone by

A sense of tender, nostalgic fragrance ruled, as Denzil & Bosco wrapped Lionel Wendt recently with timeless classics from days gone by. A romantic traverse to the grand old days, the evening provided the audience with a musical experience worth savoring.

The song collection varying from slow moving, melancholic romance to vibrant, uplifting beats, they entertained the audience with popular classics from Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfenkul, Steve Lawrence and Elvis Presley.

The evening was proof that their voices are yet to lose their youthful exuberance and charisma. Even at such late stages of their lives, they have been able to sustain the same vibrancy and vivacity in their voices, which won them many fans during their heyday.

The history of Denzil and Bozco goes as far back as early nineteen fifties. It was the talent and their love for the same genre of music that brought them together.

Friendship which started during fourth grade at St Benedict grew in to a life-long one of jovial companionship, as they took the path of music.

They were absorbed in to the College Choir in their first year itself, Denzil as a Soprano and Bosco as an alto. Their love for singing kept them constantly involved in choral singing with 'Old Bens Choir' and Kalasuri Lyle Godridge's 'L.G Singers'.

They were also the founder members of the choral group 'Saints'. Recalling memories from their time with choirs, they noted "May be it is the training that we got from those choirs that have enabled us to maintain our voices even today."

Moments from the event.
Pictures by Shachini Perera

The duo continued to invest their talents in choral singing, until in late fifties they discovered that they could blend their voice in singing songs of famous Everly Brothers.

They found an opening to display these talents during school lunch break concerts, conducted by Rev. Bro. Edward, a young Christian brother brimming with ideas and enthusiasm.

Denzil & Bosco were then introduced by Bro. Edward to the renowned showman Malcolm Andree who absorbed them in to his troupe of singers and performers.

This provided them with a chance to perform with big names in the show business such as Erin De Slefa , the Jay Brothers, Gerry Crake Combo, Nimal Mendis, Harold Seneviratne, Christine and Victor Derrick Cramer.

Their young and fresh talents were well received at dances and concert tours to many parts of Sri Lanka such as Kandy, Jafna and Trincomalee.

As they performed their very first full length concert last week at Lionel Wendt, they recalled with gratitude the names of Arlene Peck, Patrick Nelson, Gerry Crake, Peter Prins and Harold Seneviratne who not only accompanied them in their performances, but were sources of strength to them over the years.


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