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A time to be futuristic in outlook

The hotly-debated US and Western backed resolution against Sri Lanka has been reportedly tabled at the current UNHRC sessions and it could be seen that it essentially centres on Sri Lanka implementing the recommendations of the LLRC report. Sri Lanka is being called on to accelerate the implementation process and it is plain to see that this is being 'intrusive' and interfering, given the fact that this country is already in the process of bringing reconciliation among its citizens and social groups. We do not need to be dictated to, and this message we need to get across to these obtrusive sections.

However, it is of the highest importance that the process of implementing the recommendations is persisted with. We need not necessarily comply with the requirements of the international community but we need to establish that the state means business on this question of bringing complete normalcy to this country.

Meanwhile, it is plain to see that the scene of action as regards sustaining our sovereignty and integrity has shifted from the battle ground to the political plane and on the latter front winning hearts and minds both locally and internationally is proving crucial. While our diplomats and politicians take on the West at the UNHRC sessions, Sri Lankans in their thousands are mustering on the highways of some Western capitals to protest the present attempts by international quarters hostile to us, to brow beat Sri Lanka into submission over their flimsy allegations.

As indicated in our front page lead story yesterday, these efforts at turning international opinion in our favour would gather steam in the days ahead in some principal capitals of the West and our hope is that there would be unflagging efforts in this direction. While maintaining a high public presence is very important, Sri Lankan expatriate communities abroad need to remember that they would need to be active on multiple fronts if the LTTE rump and those sympathetic to it are to be defeated politically.

There is an object lesson in this regard coming from Australia which we front page today. In the news story, we highlight the efforts of some patriotic Sri Lankans who have seen through the surreptitious strategies of the separatists and are effectively responding to them to uphold the interests of this country. A principal point made by them is that the separatists have spared no pains to get on to their side some impressionistic Western politicians who would prove handy in swinging the opinion of Western decision-makers in the favour of anti-Lanka elements.

As the report explains, rather than be fatalistic about these developments these lovers of Sri Lanka have themselves got into the act of interacting with Western politicians and decision-makers in a successful bid at neutralizing anti-Lanka opinion. Apparently, their efforts are yielding good results and our hope is that these patriots will be emulated by the rest of their countrymen abroad.

Equally significantly, our patriots in Australia are being extremely futuristic in their vision in that they are seeking to bring together and unite Sri Lankan communities abroad. This is a task that is long overdue and we hope this example too would prove infectious among Sri Lankans not only abroad but here too. For instance, on Sinhala and Tamil New Year's Day last year, these groups had launched celebrations in Australia which were attended by all Lankan communities.

Thus, the importance of togetherness and of uniting behind a common flag is being emphasized through group interaction and we hope that there will be a steady replication of such activities among our expatriate communities abroad in the days ahead. The unification of Sri Lankan communities is indeed the challenge of the times and this momentous enterprise must be initiated and sustained if the aim of a fully united Sri Lanka is to be achieved.

Sri Lanka is for all its communities; this is the message that must be blared forth. The enemies of Sri Lanka, including the separatists, would strongly reject this project, because they stand to gain by a divided Sri Lanka. Therefore, communal unity holds the key to national solidarity.

Future Vision

Protecting country is our moral duty - Minister Ranawaka

Sri Lanka defeated LTTE terrorism which plagued our country for nearly 30 years. The LTTE was once deemed undefeatable by certain Western countries. The US has always been firm against terrorism and propagates zero-tolerance towards terrorism.

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The Lotus Heart

Of money and resources

Aravinda has been to a number of weddings. But he did not see this amount of waste. His friendís daughter has served her three legs of chicken, and so much of other roasted dishes. A thin child she is, the friendís daughter could not finish all what she had served herself.

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Why the resolution isnít right

Second showdown in Geneva:

The US resolution at the UNHRC in Geneva has deepened the schisms in Sri Lankan society. That resolution will have the same polarising function as did the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA), in defining each political tendency in the popular mind for a while to come.

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