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Justice Deepali Wijesundera, always focused on duty - AG

'It is my honour and privilege to welcome Justice Deepali Wijesundera as a Judge of the Court of Appeal of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

'It is also a greater privilege that after becoming the Attorney General, my first address in a ceremonial court is to welcome a lady Judge whom I have associated with for several decades', said Attorney General, President's Counsel Eva Wanasundera at the ceremonial sitting held to welcome the new Court of Appeal judge Justice Deepali Wijesundera before the Supreme Court Complex recently.

'Following a successful school career in primary and secondary education at Visakha Vidyalaya, Colombo, Judge Deepali Wijesundera entered the Sri Lanka Law College even though she had by that time been selected to enter the University of Colombo, the Attorney General said.

'Justice Wijesundera opted to do so only to follow in her father's footsteps seeking a career in the field of Law. After enrolling as an Attorney-at-Law in February 1980, Justice Wijesundera had the great privilege and distinction to work as a junior to an illustrious President's Counsel; VSA Pullenayagam, the Attorney General added.

The Attorney General emphasised that "I am privy to the gentlemanly qualities and humility with which Mr. Pullenayagam served as an Advocate at that time. I am more than certain that he had a great impact in moulding the personality of Justice Wijesundera at a young age.

'However, Justice Deepali Wijesundera's destiny was not with the private Bar, as Justice Wijesundera decided to join the judiciary as a Magistrate in 1984.

'Justice Deepali Wijesundera wished to follow in the footsteps of her illustrious father, Justice TAD Wijesundera who ultimately served as a judge of the Supreme Court. He was a strict disciplinarian.

'Justice Deepali Wijesundera followed a number of training programmes conducted in Italy, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

'In her capacity as a Judge, Justice Wijesundera was always focused on duty blessed with courage, the Attorney General added.

'Despite the seriousness with which Justice Wijesundera carried out her duties, she always had great wit and humour, driving your colleagues into fits of laughter within seconds, while holding a serious look. While Justice Wijesundera was an efficient judge, she was also a dutiful mother to her only child, Deshya. It is Justice Wijesundera's guidance that helped Deshya to enter the University of Moratuwa from Visakha Vidyalaya.

'She achieved her ambition when Deshya passed out as an Electronic Engineer with a first class honours pass.

'Today she is married to her university batch-mate Thilina who is also an Electronic Engineer.

'Justice Wijesundera's sister Menaka Wijesundera is a High Court Judge and therefore, Justice Wijesundera holds a rare and distinct position in Sri Lanka legal history, where two daughters of a former Supreme Court judge are Judges in the Court of Appeal and High Court, the Attorney General said.



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