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Wednesday, 8 February 2012






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THOUGHT for the Day

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle
                                     - Napoleon Hill


R2P and the democratization of the UN - Part II:

Importance of focusing on people’s needs

The principle of R2P rests on three equally important pillars. They are that (1) the primary responsibility of states to protect their own populations from the core crimes of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity, as well as from incitement to perpetrate such crimes; (2) The responsibility of the international community to assist a state to fulfill its R2P; and (3) the international community's responsibility to take timely and decisive action, in accordance with the UN Charter, in cases where the state has manifestly failed to protect its population from one or more of the four crimes.

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The Human Dimension - Nayomini Rathnayake Weerasooriya

Are we thankful for what we have?

As I write this article, news networks report that Europe is in the midst of one of the worst cold weather episodes in history. Sleet outside your window covering everything in sight…blocked roads, dangerously slippery surfaces, the misery of long and dark evenings and shorter spells of daylight. As delightful as snow is in its first fall, especially to someone who has not seen snow before, snow can soon turn into a miserable, long stretched out period of watching nothing but more snow.

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Traditional fishing techniques

Fishing with an implement known as the karaka, or the karak gediya is a practice coming from time immemorial. The karaka is a basket like implement broad at the bottom and narrow at the top. Made of either small but hard and flexible wooden sticks or rattan it is shaped like a funnel. Both bottom and top ends are open and the hole on top is big enough for a man to thrust his arm in and is about two or three feet wide at the bottom. The fisherman operates the karaka from the edge of a river, stream, tank or pond. If the water course is shallow he operates it by wading in the water. The karaka is placed in the water to reach the bottom, and the fish that are trapped in it are caught by hand.

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The PSC as a suitable mechanism for a solution

Mahatma Gandhi when he visited the Shanthi Nikethan once wrote in the autograph book of one of the students there that "if you have given a promise, safeguard it even with the sacrifice of your life". Rabindranath Tagore wrote another saying beneath the one made by Mahatma Gandhi, in front of him. That note was, "Nothing can be kept tied by a chain made of clay. Similarly, if you find that the promise you made was a wrong one throw it away immediately".

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