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A UN Peacekeeper in Haiti. Pic. courtesy: Google

THOUGHT for the Day

Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success
                                    -  Paul J. Meyer


2012 - The Year of Humanity?

It has been a fervent belief of mine that a Nation should not be recognized only for its achievements but also for its compassion. This applies to the community of nations as well. When the eighth Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon commenced his tenure in early 2007, he brought with him his mission statement which is “promises should be made for the keeping”

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The Human Dimension

Your resolutions for 2012

Giving up a bad habit as a new year resolution often brings with it the kind of benefits you will notice both physically and mentally. It is best to start small on breaking vicious cycles – whether breaking a bad habit or introducing a new good habit. Some of us make a new year resolution to spend more time with loved ones, especially ones spending the evening of their lives in loneliness,

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Sri Lanka brimming with promise

Sri Lanka is a founding member of the Non Aligned Movement, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in Belgrade in September 2011. The aim of the NAM has been to work towards a more multi-polar world order. Our country continues to work towards this goal, particularly through organizations like the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which was not so long ago the Shanghai 5 and we value the BRIC group, which became the BRICS with the inclusion of South Africa,

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Back to Basics

Predicting prediction for 2012

Having peace around you and within you will mean that you will have the time to reflect on conservatory ways to make the most of the resources and opportunities we have to reduce stress, be content and healthy. The Buddha word and all other religious leaders said, that would make each of us a person, mindful and caring. What more can we wish to be, than being content, healthy, mindful and caring of all beings and things around us,

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