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Martial Arts for women

Our ladies are subject to harassment (sexually or otherwise) in their daily life. A regrettable fact is that some men consider women as the weaker sex and have pleasure in torturing them.

It is high time for our ladies to take steps to safeguard their dignity, life and assets. It is not possible for them to carry lethal weapons and quick action by Police is also not possible. Therefore it is better for them to receive training in the art of self defence. By this method they not only safeguard themselves but could reduce the burden placed on the Police as well.

The following benefits are available on receiving proper training in Martial Arts;

a) Will power improves

Martial Arts training for women

b) Health condition improves

c) Mental Depression, fear etc. vanish

d) Ability to do the daily work improves

e) Violence on them is reduced

f) Cash, jewellery and other assets are safe guarded

g) Prolonged legal procedure is avoided

h) Other ladies and children could be safe guarded

Training in Martial Arts includes;

a) Proper exercise (body and mental etc)

b) Adequate rest and sound sleep at night

c) Adoption of good habits- eating, drinking water etc.

d) Breathing exercises - to reduce tension, asthma, lungs cancer

e) Avoidance of bad habits - smoking, liquor, narcotics drugs etc.

The following recognized arts are available;

Jujitsu, Judo, Karate,Taekwando, KungFu, Aikido, Nanchanku

The art which suites you is the best. However it is better to receive training in all arts whilst concentrating on one suitable art. Jujitsu is ideal for a close range fights while Karate, Taekwondo and Judo need space - Nanchanku could help when armed opponents are involved. In early 1970's an art called China footing (cheenadi) was popular. This art was taught in the Police Training School. Now it has vanished.

The following steps have to be taken by ladies before commencement of training;

* Complete medical checkup to ensure that you are fit enough for the training

* Select a good school (very important)

* Show clear interests

* Have proper observation of the training

* Adequate regular practice essential

* Be faithful to the master

The following facts has to be considered when selecting a master

* He should be an expert in recognized art of self defence. (say black belt holder in case of Karate)

* should have the talent to train the students at all levels.

* Free of bad habits - smoke, liquor, narcotic drugs, etc.

* should have a status in the society (Criminals could not be accepted as masters)

* should have adequate qualified female assistants

Ladies should discuss with their doctors and masters as well as regard receiving training - during pregnancy, after child birth, after a major operation etc.

The following are the recognized styles in Karate;

Shotokan, Wado Rye, Shito Rye, Goju Rye

Recognized art means where high standard training is given by high standard masters and examinations are held on a high standard basis.

Three types of methods are practiced in Karate;

* Kihan wasa - proper method of performing techniques

* Kata - Studies of traditional fighting form

* Kumite - Practical fighting

Once you become expert in compact Karate you could select sports karate as well if you prefer to be a trainer.

Some parents still think that martial arts stimulate violence. It is just the opposite. It prevents violence. I have seen several students who have become sober after receiving the training. I hope this article elucidates the true benefit of martial arts and I welcome parents to send their children early.

- Sensei S R Balachandran (IUMA)

International University for Martial Arts


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