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Wednesday, 14 December 2011






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Discipline is the defining fire by which talent becomes ability
                                           - Roy Smith


Govt to stick by PSC decision on NE issues - Minister Douglas Devananda

The government’s opinion is that problems must be solved by discussing with all parties. The government decided to form a Parliamentary Select Committee because of this. The reason that the TNA is still waiting to decide whether or not to participate in the PSC is just for their political survival, not for any other reason,

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The Humana Dimension

What taking a break truly means...

Human bodies are not meant to be abused the way they are being abused right now. We are not cut out for 24/7 work or partying. We are not meant to go on binges of drinking, eating or not exercising. We are expected to rest our bodies, our souls and take a break once in a while. If we don't, then the next stage will bring complications that are both serious and even life-threatening,

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Duty of Ananda College after 125 years

This article has been written to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Ananda College. Sri Lanka is enjoying the dividends of peace after many decades. We as a country are moving forward in economic development. Every week we are creating history. Last week it was reported that National Geographic Traveler magazine has named Sri Lanka as being among its top six destinations for world travellers in 2012,

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