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THOUGHT for the Day

If we are to live together in peace, we must come to know each other better
                              -  Lyndon Johnson


The promise and potential for reconciliation

Andrew Marvell was writing about love or rather, to be blunt, sex. In talking about reconciliation, I should also be talking about love, or rather about charity, the Greek word Caritas as in the enormously helpful NGO of that name which refers to that universal loving kindness which the Buddhist concept of metta also encompasses.

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Political Revery

Pandemonium in Parliament

Soon after Papua New Guinea got its independence from Australia, the Speaker of the National Parliament pleaded with members to preserve the decorum of the House by refraining from attending dressed in cowboy boots and hat. This gave rise, elsewhere to many unfair jokes on the lines of ‘and while you are about it, please desist from eating the other members’.

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‘Code of conduct for media should emerge from within’

The national television, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation telecast current affairs with responsibility and accurately. It builds a broad and disciplined dialogue which leads to solve social problems. The SLRC telecasts programmes which lead to the development of children, provides mental solace to the public and promotes social development. It does not put youths and children into the market for sale. It protects languages,

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