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Wednesday, 2 November 2011




Dumbara valley

Climatic changes focus vast difference vegetation natural
Dumbara Valley once Mahaveli fostered appear dry zone
Morning rising sun reveal barren basin chaotic
Mahaweli reduced flowing pattern village canal

River banks grass covered dry entire below plots green
Dairy grassland better bridge view either side lonesome
Polgolla Dam below Dumbara Valley nature annoyed
Home garden efforts failure beyond control

Olden days Mahaweli view proved prosperous fertility
Nature flow musical ripples present dance rhythems
Grassland high covering entire bank earth slowly move
People happy customary floods mini home garden facility

Families over exposed sun heat climate
Look tired children seek medical attention
Night wild beasts damage vegetable garden
Reptiles entire living area safety lost

Early period sand well covered low lying granite uneven
Weekend matches popular river sandy bed
Babies build monumentary castles freely smiling
Man against nature never succeed totally.

N H G Seneviratne

With you

Pure and sweet
Innocent and naive
Love was once beautiful
With you

Bertholamuze Nisansala Dharmasena

Is it the same for me?

Once upon a time
a friend had a friend
The best of the best
She loved always

For her it's simply perfect
being so special
as nothing special other
than clinging to her
cherishing words.

Following as the shadow
wherever she goes
time passed with full
of memories adorable

Of her she always
pondered over
never knew that she
never noticed her.

But now the friend
of the friend is gone
& for her it's the same
nothings changed
But for me, is it the same?
No, not at all.

Imalka Wickramasinghe

Insidious habit

Soft as silk
on the outside
hard as nails
a syrupy smile
becomes a grimace
a honeyed tongue
turns into a fang
when a backbiter
strews seeds of discord
amidst family and friends.

Chitra Premaratne - Stuiver

Wedding dreams

He screams of disturbances
Feels angry and mad
She blames him everyday
As ignoring her ways

They've not got time
To understand each other
Just two photographs decide the game
Now finds difficult to continue the same

A child is born in several months
Household work overflows her day
Commitment grown as unknown
No time to sit and correspond

Life becomes tense
With unrelaxed minds
Love and fondness disappear
Duty creeping in despair

Both realize the imaginations
And dreams about the fairy tale
Marriage is only a bond of understanding
Compromising and scarifies

People learn this in the latter part
Most wedding dreams vanish
With the wedding fading the days to come
With loads of responsibilities
And man lives life as proclaimed as husband and wife

M N Kaiyoom

Wall talks

Oh what a relief my skin feels
No pictures or numbers pasted on me
I wish a heavy down pour would do for me
For my pink colour to remain in glee

No crackers, speakers, people in teams
Only a dog seen sleeping under my feet
Will they carry the terms pasted on me
Or practise what was shouted at ease

There I see a man wearing blue and a cap on
Stood in front said "forgive me for the
Told the men to paint me in glittering blue
I am awaiting and waiting for the
promised true

Another white haired, wearing a green
and a cap on
Stood in front said "forgive me for the
"For the moment" I have no one around me
"next birth I shall paint the town green"

Malathi Perera



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