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Mount Lavinia MC neglected

Colombo is being developed at a very fast pace. Changes are taking place for the betterment of the people. But the second biggest Municipality which is Mount Lavinia is comparatively neglected.

Attempts have been made by previous administrations to introduce reforms without any tangible results. It is rumoured that corruption is one of the main reasons.

The Municipality Authorities decided to stop the parking of buses along main roads and by-roads and found a parking area down Station Road, Dehiwala. This move did not last long due to a protest made by bus crew as this arrangement was not to their liking or convenience.

A major project to provide drainage services to the Dehiwala-Mt. Lavinia Municipality lies abandoned due to a technical problem.

With the new technology being available it may be possible to revive this project to serve the purpose it was intended.

Back to the parking of buses along Hill Street and Allen Avenue, I recall a visit to the Maldives when Abdul Gayoom was President. There were well designated parking areas and vehicles were parked neatly in these parking areas. One does not see vehicles, buses inclusive parked for instance along Ward Place, Barnes Place, Horton Place and other Colombo 7 roads. One cannot say the same thing along the main roads and by-roads of the Dehiwala - Mount Lavinia Municipal Council.

I commend to the authorities -

(a) The stoppage of parking of buses along the roadside and provide parking areas as prevalent in other developed countries.

(b) To revive the drainage project that was abandoned due to some technological problem.

Maj. Gen. HV Athukorale

Terrorist culture over

Rioting in London had cost millions of dollars and the city now is in absolute mayhem. It all started with the alleged shooting of Mark Duggan whom the Police expected to be armed.

A few weeks ago, Oslo was devastated by a terrorist attack. And there was an uproar in the UK due to a media phone hacking scandal.

At the other end, the US, apart from terror attacks in the past, has an enormous debt of $14.3 trillion. Once President Obama was regarded as the most powerful and popular person in the world. Prime Minister Cameron in assessing the current events had said, “..... We will not allow a culture of fear to exist in our society...” In Sri Lanka we had ‘fear due to terrorist culture’ enforced by the LTTE for 30 years. Sri Lanka fought against this background.

Now the people in Sri Lanka since the end of the war are living in peace. Countries like the US, UK and Norway, who claim to be the international community, should rather look after their own backyard, without mollycoddling the LTTE rump which is accusing Sri Lanka of alleged war crimes.

P A Samaraweera

Shipping Corporation - firm in ocean

Congratulations to the Ceylon Shipping Corporation over its 40th anniversary celebration.

Established in 1971 by the SLFP government, meaningful steps are now being taken to improve it in every sphere by the same government.

It has a clean management under a government which is dedicated and supported by foreign shipping agencies as well.

Various services that are available now, both locally and internationally, would pave way for the corporation to thrive in business as it was at its inception.

The services that were provided to our nation during the period of crisis were great and the value of its establishment in 1970s was felt appreciative only at those stages.

Collective decisions taken by educated, wise and veteran politicians of the yore for the benefit of the nation have been even today admired for their usefulness.

Wish the Ceylon Shipping Corporation to reign the mighty ocean in all its maritime activities and make our nation proud.

Nazly Cassim
Colombo 13

Bank customer in need of attention

I have been a long time customer of HNB and I write this letter to draw the attention of the high ranking officials at the head office of the HNB about my problem. I have invested at HNB Assurance and I am trying to withdraw same for the last six months.

I contacted the Kalmunai branch and I was told that they are helpless. The Kalmunai branch tried to help me by contacting the Head Office but in vain. I also contacted the Head Office in Colombo and nothing happened.

Will the high ranking officials at the Head Office of the HNB, take notice of it.

K M Shaik Ali
Kalmunai – 11

Recent one-way traffic plan

The recent extension of the one-way traffic plan, from Bambalapitiya junction to Milagiriya has only helped to add more woes, to the already suffering daily commuters.

Employees at Majestic City, Unity Plaza, business places and shops are off around 7.00 p.m. and 8 p.m. Instead of boarding a bus opposite the market, or any other bus stop along Galle Road, they now have to walk all the way down Lauries Road, or other by-lanes, to Duplication Road.

L.H. De Silva



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