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Precaution is better than cure
                                      - Edward Coke


The Future of Humanity

Dr Anthonis was a great and good doctor, a healer and surgery was his specialty. Elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, England qualifying through rigorous examination procedure at a very young age which itself was a record achievement he was the consultant surgeon of the General Hospital, Colombo when the country’s history was being re-written in the late 50’s. The death of a Prime Minister, gunned down by an assassin and it was Dr Anthonis who led the team of surgeons who almost saved the Prime Minister’s life but for that dark hour in 1959 of country’s fortunes,

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Norway attack victim saved own son before dying

 A full list of the dead and missing has not been made public. A team of nearly 40 Police officers is working to identify all the bodies found so far. However, in his tearful address in the national cathedral on Sunday, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg mentioned the names of several victims known to have been shot dead while at the Labour Party (AUF) youth camp,

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Avoiding extremes – lessons of last Saturday’s election

The government will see the results of the election in the North as reasonably satisfactory and an indication of how best to move forward. It should also recognize that for Jaffna, infrastructural development alone is not enough, and unless greater attention is paid to human resources development and mechanisms to channel the energies of a sophisticated population into productive independent employment, the opportunities presented by enhanced opportunities and connectivity will be wasted,

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