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Wednesday, 27 July 2011



Exploring reality star extravaganza

Even amid many controversies and criticisms, the contemporary reality star extravaganza still ravages on. The budding youth, no longer consider of following tedious aesthetic academic course programmes to achieve their burning ambitions. Their dream is to perform amidst the spotlight at a major talent show. The talent shows have become a platform to nurture, develop and harness young talent. Having said that, whether the system has the capacity to produce and sort out so called gifted, talented, and authentic 'reality idols', still remains a mystery.

Scenes from Star Sri Lanka Histhank

With the sheer purpose of analyzing the contemporary trend, the seasoned actor Mahendra Perera has woven a new tele-drama series with the hope of creating a very analytical discourse about the reality star culture.

Speaking to the media Mahendra Perera noted, "The reality star concept did create a big buzz amidst people in last few years, many controversies were raised. But the drama is not about critically ridiculing the reality idol concept. It is about making an in-depth analysis on the current trend."

The drama titled as Star Sri Lanka Histhank will be telecast on Rupvahini from July 29 at 8.30 pm.

Almost every television station is engaged in a hectic rat-race to produce so called flamboyant idols. The weekend nights are swarming with whimsical, fancy reality shows. Is it possible to carve idols at such a rapid pace? Do they cater to the rich aesthetic senses of the modern television viewer? Have the reality shows become a ridiculous farce or do they still have the capacity to give a hand to the young talented, artistic souls who aspire to showcase their unique talents to the rest? Such questions always ponder on the minds of intellectual television viewers.

Therefore creating such a drama will provide the ideal medium to discuss the positives and the negatives of the current trend.

Except for few seasoned actors, the drama will feature a whole new cast. Many of the youngsters were students who have undergone training at Mahendra Perera's aesthetic institute. Ronee Leech, Priyankara Perera, Pubudu Chathuranga, Nilmini Kottegoda and Gayan Wickramathilaka are few seasoned campaigners who will be featuring in the drama.

The script for the new drama was written by Deleepa Abeysekara while the production was done by Jayalath Peiris.



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