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Ch 4 video has no recognition in United Kingdom - Minister

The Channel 4 video has no recognition in the UK. Nothing is said about the video by the BBC or CNN, said Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Minister Rajitha Senaratne during an interview with the Daily News

Q: What is the latest development regarding the Darusman Report?

A: The UN Secretary General appointed an Advisory Panel and it presented a report to him. He said it was an advisory panel. When the panel made a report he released it to the media and gave it wide publicity. He said one thing and did something else. Who made him do this? They are the same elements who made the Darusman Report. There are dozens of intelligent and educated merchants in INGOs who sell their ideas for money. We have to counter the report by replying to it. But we also have to accept constructive criticism wherever it comes from.

Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Minister
Rajitha Senaratne

Q: What do you think about the Channel 4’s crusade against

Sri Lanka?

A: Channel 4 has no recognition at all in the UK itself. Nothing is said about the Channel 4 video by the BBC or CNN. Channel 4 journalists were removed from Menik Farm welfare camp after they openly supported the LTTE and campaigned for them. According to KP, the LTTE had a large amount of international funds. Anything can be done using those billions of dollars. Channel 4 did not get any support from New York. The UN said the video is not reliable. Major General Shavendra Silva had first-hand experience and proved that the video is a fake.

Similar allegations will arise in the future. It is because Sri Lanka is not a puppet state of the West. They are not happy about the rapid development we are now achieving as an independent country. The LTTE bought many MPs in many foreign Parliaments using funds collected by selling drugs and weapons. Now they support the Tamil diaspora. Even US President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton received funds from the LTTE but they did not accept those funds after realizing that they came from the LTTE. This international terrorists network cannot do anything to our country because Sri Lanka has the fullest support of India.

Q: Can you identify the local and foreign anti-Sri Lankan elements that hinder Sri Lanka’s development from time to time?

A: Now it is obvious who the traitors of Sri Lanka are. It was revealed during the humanitarian operation. Those traitors are now hiding behind different masks. They thought that the LTTE would never be defeated. They were expecting to gain advantages at that time. After defeating terrorism they joined to celebrate the victory. But they are supporters of the LTTE. The Tamil diaspora is the rubber stamp of the LTTE.

Q: What is the responsibility of the Opposition at this time?

A: The UNP was planning to grab power and form a government if the government fails to end the war. But their dream was shattered when the government won the war. The JVP was talking about patriotism and acting as traitors. When the JVP could not win people from the South, they started to campaign from the North listing ‘disappeared’ persons. Earlier the JVP did not accept federalism but they have now tuned into leftism with federal ideas.

Q: What do you think about the devolution of power?

A: The delay which occurred in finding a way to implement the devolution of power helped all traitors both local and foreign to create trouble and build conspiracies against Sri Lanka. The delay occurred because the government was fully focused on taking care of the IDPs and providing them all facilities. The government looked after them very well and resettled them as soon as possible. The government resettled over 300,000 IDPs in a very short time. Then the government provided them with all infrastructure facilities such as roads, electricity, transport services, hospitals, schools etc. The government provided education for IDP children even when they were staying in welfare camps. Sri Lanka is the only country in the world which carried out such tasks.

The President of the World Bank was surprised to see the rapid development of the North and East. My Tamil friends who are residing abroad visited Sri Lanka and were surprised to see the development drive. But some sections of the Tamil diaspora had still not come to see the massive development. They are still shouting out there. They just shout without coming to Sri Lanka and observing what is going on here.

The 13th Amendment is part of the country’s existing Constitution. We hold the responsibility of protecting it and implementing it. Power needs to be shared. Delay in power-sharing will create similar problems which affected Sri Lanka in the past. Discussions should be held with all Tamil political parties. Sri Lanka received a golden opportunity to achieve economic development and this chance should be used wisely. The Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore said Sri Lanka will become the second economic giant in Asia. Now discussions are going on with the TNA.

Q: Do you have any message for the Sri Lankan public?

A: President Mahinda Rajapaksa has already achieved everything possible within Sri Lanka. Now he is walking towards world leadership. His name will be among great leaders such as King Dharmashoka and Nelson Mandela. President Rajapaksa is the only world-class leader that is produced by Sri Lanka. He is eligible to win the Nobel Peace Prize. His career is similar to that of King Dharmashoka and Nelson Mandela. When Sri Lanka is on the path of becoming the Wonder of Asia, all of us have to support the President.

President Rajapaksa proved to the world that a military solution can be given to terrorism as the Wall Street Journal pointed out. This is the truth that he proved to the whole world. He is one of the most humane friends I have met during my lifetime. I like him a lot because of his humane qualities.

There are lots of intelligent and educated ‘merchants’ all over the world who sell their ideas for money. Such ideas end up in places like the Darusman Report. There is only one way to defeat such ‘merchants’. That is by assisting President Mahinda Rajapaksa.


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