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In Support of App Developers:

Etisalat sponsors South Asian Mobile Conference

Etisalat which continues to support the development of Mobile technology by sponsoring the 2011 South Asian Mobile Conference, looks to expand and evolve the scope and quality of mobile technologies in a South Asian context. Etisalat in conjunction with hSenid Mobile has launched the AppZone in June last year; a platform which allowed users to create and market their own mobile phone applications. Since then, the AppZone has developed to become one of the greatest proponents of mobile phone technology in Sri Lanka. Etisalat's sponsorship emphasizes the unity of vision it shares with the South Asian Mobile Conference; the vision of brining the best mobile technological solutions to South Asia and Sri Lanka.

Since its launch, the AppZone has grown and evolved to become a major platform within the local ICT spectrum. Not only did it provide opportunities for burgeoning technocrats and local IT students to show off their skills and get a chance to experiment in a 'real world' setting; which is a great achievement on its own, it moves the development of mobile phone applications from a select few major companies into the hands of independent up-and-comers.

It also gives those motivated tech enthusiasts a chance to try their hand at being entrepreneurs, by giving them a 70% share of the revenue generated by their applications. In this way the AppZone has tried to encourage the local ICT graduates and inventive technophiles alike not to restrict their aspirations to being employees, but to start businesses of their own.

On the sponsoring of the conference, an official said "We at Etisalat, through our sponsorship, as well as through the products we develop, have always greatly supported the development of mobile phone technology. As more and more users look to their Mobile phones to satisfy an ever increasing segment of their technological needs; we see the future of technology centering on Mobile devices and the successful companies of the future would be those who work on this platform."

Now the Appzone, the only one of its kind in Sri Lanka, has over 120 applications live and available for purchase, with the highest earning app developer garnering approximately Rs. 200,000 a month. It has become a one stop shop for customers to find the mobile phone apps. All apps have been designed by Sri Lankans for Sri Lankans, the solutions have been tailor made for a Sri Lankan context.

As with the AppZone and now with its sponsorship of the South Asian Mobile Conference, Etisalat would continue in its quest to develop the landscape for Mobile Phone Technology in Sri Lanka and the region.

As one of the most powerful players in Sri Lanka's telecommunications industry, Etisalat would continue to discover new horizons and explore new possibilities in the domain. Etisalat further offers Sri Lanka's most cutting edge Internet solutions with the launch if it's 3.75G technology. Offering a variety of value added services, sales offerings, affinity packages and other service, Etisalat stands on top of the ladder in innovation, quality and customer service.

Having passed an impressive 3.5 million subscribers in a record time since its launch, Etisalat remains dedicated to increasing its subscriber base and taking the company onto greater heights.

Sri Lanka Telecom, Strategic Partner of 2011 CIMA Business Leaders' Summit

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the integrated telecommunication solutions provider, has announced its role as the Strategic Partner of the 2011 CIMA Business Leaders' Summit. Chief Executive Officer of SLT Greg Young handed over the sponsorship cheque to Regional Director - South Asia & Middle East, CIMA Bradley Emerson at an official ceremony which was held at the SLT premises recently.

The CIMA Business Leaders' Summit is an annual conference organized by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Sri Lanka Division, a much looked forward to event in Sri Lanka's corporate calendar.

This year's summit, under the theme of "Changing Challenge - Challenging Change" was held at the Cinnamon Grand Colombo, on June 21 and 22. It comprise presentations from renowned local and global personalities encourage business leaders and professionals to challenge their own changes which they have made in the recent past, though innovative as they maybe, in the light of the dynamic changes occurring in today's market.

"The great challenges of yesterday seem like tiny ant hills today, in the light of today's newer and more demanding challenges. Change just itself is inevitable and there's no place to run or hide from it. Furthermore, the diverse challenges brought about by changes are ever evolving, revolutionizing industry and businesses and the way business is conducted," said SLT CEO Greg Young.


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