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‘BPO will change the world very soon’

The BPO industry has now moved from transaction to transformation and it will do unbelievable changes in the world very soon, Infosys BPO Company Managing Director D Swaminathan said in an exclusive interview with Daily News Business. He was in Sri Lanka to deliver a speech at the National HR Conference in Colombo yesterday.

Infosys, a top Indian BPO company set up in 2002, offers finance and accounting, human resource and legal services outsourcing in several countries employing about 20,000 people currently.

D Swaminathan

D Swaminathan is a highly accomplished individual and a multi certified information systems security and software quality professional with significant experience in diverse arenas in governance and strategy. He has conducted extensive risk assessments globally for corporate IT infrastructure. Designing business continuity and disaster recovery plans for large international organizations are some of his significant work.

Referring to the strength of highly diversified Infosys BPO Limited he said it is a US $ 6 billion company with 137,000 people working in 12 centres in five countries, including Mexico, Poland, the Czech Republic, USA, China, Philippines, Brazil and the Asia Pacific.

“This gives us a vast knowledge because we see the global practise in different fields. We make our client look smarter before their customers by being very efficient with the power of technology,so that they can enter new markets faster,” Swaminathan said.

Referring to his experience Swaminathan said that a huge demand for integrated IT-BPO operations can be seen today as they are cost effective and highly productive from the clients’ perspective.

These services are most suited for those companies that have not made significant investments in technology or software applications already, he said. “We expect many more integrated deals and hence we will strengthen this team going ahead,” he said.

Asked how the company was able to achieve a rapid growth within a short period he said that the company invest heavily on building people. It takes a lot of effort to retain good people by offering lifetime careers. It also provides diversified opportunities of doing high end work.

Recruiting people with global talents also helped the company to go global in their operations. Competitive advantage, scalable talent and cost effectiveness are the strategies to go abroad. People must have analytical and corporate skills along with basic computer knowledge.

Also the company recruits right people at the right time at a right price and they are given compensation, career and comforts which include good training, wages and recognition of performance. The growth is high as a result of high quality delivery of work by motivated people.



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