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Monday, 27 June 2011






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 Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better
- Albert Camus


Are some Western politicians intellectual mediocrities?

Darusman Report and Channel 4:

Geoffrey Van Orden heading a group in the EU Parliament said, “we regret that we are having this debate today. I suspect that it has been prompted by extremist elements in the Tamil diaspora - the same people who have helped to sustain the LTTE terrorist campaign over many years, through political activities and funding, often from the proceeds of crime. Instead of trying to bring together the peoples of Sri Lanka, there are those that seek to continue a campaign of hatred and division. They see this Darusman Report as a weapon in this campaign and just want to put the SL government in the dock. This approach is malicious and counter productive.”

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No island is an island and ours is no exception

No man is an island, they say. No island is an island either in these globalized times. Indeed, it can be argued that islands never existed and if they did their numbers were very small. The reference is of course to human collectives and not land masses surrounded by bodies of water. Complete isolation has always been the exception.

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Confusing war time and peace time

War is very complicated. On the contrary, peace is very tranquil. War is like stirred water. Peace is just like a motionless bluish water of a swimming pool. When the water is stagnant the bottom of the pool can be seen. Even the fine points of the pool can be seen. The situation in a country where peace prevails is also similar to this. The country becomes sensitive to even the tenuous issues.

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