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Towards a peaceful and harmonious life

The All Ceylon Hindu Congress held the ”Sivathondar” Conference on May 28 and 29, 2011 in Jaffna at “Navalar Arangu” and “Theivath Thiru Magal Sivath Thamil Selvi Arangu” respectively at Nallur Sri Durgadevi Mani Mandapam.

In fact, the main aim of this memorable conference is to create a religious awareness among Hindu and also to enrich and enhance the religious knowledge of the younger generation.

Thirugnana Sampanthar Nayanar, Thirunavukkarasu Nayanar and Sundaramoorthy Nayanar

Besides, this conference is also meant to establish a “Hindu Religious Research Centre” with the view to provide “Saiva Vidagar Training”.

Kandiah Neelakandan, a Senior Attorney-at-Law and General Secretary of the All Ceylon Hindu Congress made elaborate arrangements for the success of the conference in which several Sivathondars from Colombo, Mannar, Hill Country and Eastern Province participated.

Many Religious Scholars from Sri Lanka and abroad participated in this two conferences. On the first day “Manithanaya Mamani” and president of the All Ceylon Hindu Congress V Kailasapillai presided at the conference and former Supreme Court Judge C V Wigneswaran delivered the keynote address.

Religious and Cultural Affairs Ministry Director Shanthi Navukkarasu Professor Shanmugathasan and V Mahalingam were the guests of honour. Kandiah Neelakandan addressed the gathering on “Sivathandar Greatness and Saiva Vidagar Training”.

On the second day the Vice President of the All Ceylon Hindu Congress and President of Tellipalai Sri Durga Devi Devasthanam President “Chenchot Chelvar” Aru Thirumurugan presided at the conference and Dr. Kumaraswamy Somasundaram, Former-Director-General of the National Institute of Education and Vice President of the All Ceylon Hindu Congress, Hon V Mahalingam attached to the Indian High Commission, Jaffna, Swami Sarvarupanantha, Professor (Mrs) Kalai Vani Ramanathan, Dr Kanagasabathy Nageswaram, Professor C Sivalingarajah and several others addressed the gatherings on Various subjects.

”Vidai Kodi Chelvar” Sinnadurai Dhanabalaa and Dr M Kathirgamanathan who are greatly involved in social and religious services also participated at this glorious conference.

In fact, Dhanabalaa, Vice-President of the All Ceylon Hindu Congress and President of the Social Welfare group and Dr M Kathergamanathan Secretary of this group donated cash to purchase two cows and three serving machines respectively for individuals who were affected by war.

Further, the significance of this conference is the hoisting of Nanthi Flags at the premises of the temple, in and out of the conference hall and also carrying the flags during the long procession which indeed gave added beauty and splendor to the conference and everyone was impressed by this excellent appearance.

Eswaranathapillai Kumaran, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Tamil, University of Jaffna spoke on “Srila Sri Arumuga Navalar and all the sixty three Nayanmars mentioned in ”Periyapuranam” which is considered to be peerless Kaviyam.

Furthermore, “Periyapuranam” was composed by “Theiva Sekkilar”, a great religious scholar and devotee of Lord Shiva. In fact, he was the Chief Minister in the Chola Kingdom when it was ruled by King Kulothungan – 2.

”King Kulothungan” was very much impressed by Jainism and embraced this religion which was completely opposed to ”Saivism”.

Realizing the futility of Jainism, Sekkilar completely transformed the mind of King Kulothungan by way of telling him the greatness of Lord Shiva and his Divine and miraculous deeds. In fact, Sekkilar mentioned the glories of 63 Nayanman and how Lord Shiva blessed them.

When the King heard about this he requested Sekkilar to go to Thillai in Chidambaram where the temple of God Shiva is situated and to invite all the eminent Religious Scholars for a scholarly discussion.

When the Religious Scholar heard about Sekkilars presence at this temple for a lengthy talk about these Nayan Mars, they came in large numbers.

Sekkilar in the presence of the King Kulothungan and all these religious scholars narrated the stories of all the 63 Nayanmars and when he finished his narration the King and all other scholars very much impressed by the Divine deeds of these Nayanmars and wholeheartedly accepted ”Saivism” is the only religion which can lead them on the path of peace and salvation.

Indeed, Periya Puranam which includes all the 63 Nayanmars proclaims the eternal value of ”Love”. Even saint Thirumoolar Says ”God Shiva is Love”.

The Buddha, Saint Thiru Valluvar, Jesus Christ and other countless great ones had declared that Adharma should be conquered by Dharma and Enmity by Love. This is true, yet this is the way meant solely for spiritually evolved.

The normal man and prudent man can never emerge as a Devotee, so long as he clings to his normalcy and prudence.

In fact, true devotees are tender hearted, but tough minded. Firmness of purpose characterises them.

Undoubtedly, this “Siva Thondar Conference which was organised by the All Ceylon Congress, particularly the General Secretary Kandiah Neelakandan, President V Kailasapillai, “Vidaikodi Chelvar” Sinnadurai Dhanabalaa, Dr M Kathirgamanathan, “Chenchot Chelvar” Aru Thiru Murugan, Shanthi Thirunavukkarasan and all others who participated in large numbers deserves our congratulations and appreciation for the tremendous success of this conference.

Indeed, this Sivathondar Conference will definitely redeem thousands of people from darkness of ignorance, conflicts and contradictions, trials and tribulations and enable them to lead a life of Dharma, peace and harmony.

From mortality to immortality of Bhagavan Baba

It is an accepted fact and an established scientific truth that all compounded phenomena have to get decompounded and revert ultimately to their original states. That which are integrated, have to be disintegrated at some stage or other. So too, there is no denying the fact that human together with the other constituents are glued, cemented and held together temporarily, by the Karmic Energy, Genetic Energy and The Divine Energy, is subject to the inexorable, inescapable and merciless law of death or mortality, at some stage of its existence.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The period of the existence of human body is controlled and governed by the operation of the three energies referred to above and their effectiveness. This law, is equally applicable and operational, as far as all living beings, animate, inanimate, sentient and insentient beings and things are concerned. In this world of uncertainties, of constant changes and of impermanency, death or immortality, is the only settled fact. Yet, no one is aware or knows as to when, where or how death would take place.

Any degree of protection, caution, or place could never secure any one from the clutch of death. Whatever the position, status, or station in life, death has no regard or respect. Avatars, God-men, saints, savants, saviours, seers, kings, monarchs, rich and poor are all equal before the law of death and are not immuned from it.

“Five gross elements”

Human mind refuses to accept death as the final leveler or the finality of existence. This has been the declaration of renowned, respected and accepted sages, saints, spiritual leaders and philosophers of the religions of the world, barring a few, that death of a body or its disintegration is not the end of one existence. This was quite beautifully and convincingly expressed by the eldest brother of Pandavas, King Yudhishthira, when he was asked as to what was the most wonderful fact of life and he states,”..... Each and every one is subject to death;, man, woman and children are dying by the thousands in every moment, yet, those who remain behind believe themselves to be out of the reach of death...... .”

The physical body of man, composed of the five gross elements and the five subtle elements, at the time of death, disintegrate, disunite and fall apart; but the Indwelling Spirit, the Life-Force, the Psyche, the soul, or the vital energy, consisting of the inner building blocks or the energy particles, such as the Karmic Energy, Genetic Energy, totality of thought energy, death proximate thought energy, the mind, the intellect, the ego and the divine energy or the spark, continue to persist and exist in subtlest form, seeking and looking out for a suitable body, place, a receptacle for depositing it, in order to continue with its existence.

This thirst, craving for existence is a beginning-less and timeless urge. The period of time for its disposition varies, depending on the frequency, potency and the propelling power of the built-in-energy. If human being is considered only as a physical entity, death is, definitely thought to be the end of its existence whereas, human being is not just a psycho-physical being, but a spiritual entity, not realized, not comprehended, become aware of, by all, excepting a few. This is the declaration of all the Holy Scriptures, which is echoed by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in His Divine Discourses.

If death is accepted as the final end of a human being, it is bound to throw a challenge to our sense of justice being defeated and foiled, more so, in particular, in relation to our actions, our labour, our desires, our aspirations and passions, remaining unfulfilled, unrealized and reap the fruits thereof. It is therefore, reasonable and justifiable to conclude that human reason, human feeling, cannot and would not accept death as the finality and the end of human existence, for that matter, any being or life.

In the midst of the furor and commotion of the fact of death, being an inevitable and an unavoidable consequence of birth or existence, yet human mind, nay, all beings and things passionately yearn, covet, desire and crave for immortality or deathlessness, or extension of their existence even by a fraction of a second. This urge, this desire, this thirst and longing to escape from the iron hand of death is due mainly and solely, to the impetus, the momentum, the surge and drive exerted by the power of immortality of the spirit, the life-force, the soul or atman.

The existence, animation and survival of the spirit, the life-force, the soul or atman in human being and its invisibility, its imperceptibility, and inconceivability had been quite succinctly, convincingly and irrefutably established by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in His Divine Discourses by the presentation of the analogy of human perception and the resultant experience. Bhagavan Baba explains that in every human perception, there are two distinct factors noticeable. They are, “The object of perception” and the other is, “the perceiver.” There is an acute, keen, razor-sharp and pointed difference between, “the object of perception” and “the perceiver.” Bhagavan Baba continues to emphasize the fact that the existence of an object, presupposes, “The existence of a perceiver.” If not for the existence of the perceiver, there is neither the object, nor the “Act of perception”, or the experience.

In the absence of these three factors, namely, the object of perception, the perceiver and the resultant knowledge or experience, humanity would have been deprived of the vast records of human history, records, relating to human evolution and other species, scientific and technological progress and their records.

Human experience totally ignores, rejects and over-looks the perceiver and gloats over and glorifies the object as the reality. Bhagavan Baba declares that the most fundamental, cardinal and essential difference between the object perceived and the subject – the perceiver, is that the perceiver is self-aware and self conscious, but the object, or that which is perceived has no inherent, in-born, in built and natural awareness or consciousness.

“Subject and object”

This distinction between the subject and the object, - the perceiver and the perceived – has been explicitly and unambiguously explained by Bhagavan Baba, positing and laying down in principle the universality of its applicability, equally to human personality as well. Applying this golden rule to human existence, human body becomes an object of perception and so also the mind. The function of watching, noticing and perceiving of the body and the mind is very similar to the act of observing, noticing, perceiving an external object or an event.

The Watcher, the observer, the perceiver of one’s own body, one’s own mind, the external objects and events, is none other than the same identical perceiver and observer. This perceiver, this observer, performs this subtle function, because of its inherent, natural, in-built, in-born awareness or consciousness, which is absolutely absent in the body, mind, object or external and internal events.

The Perceiver, the observer or the watcher, is ever present in human body, even in the absence of objects and events and plays the role of a silent, “witness”, at the same time generating necessary current, energy for their activities and functions. In order to fortify and support this concept, Bhagavan Baba, postulates that human beings are susceptible to three states of consciousness, namely, waking, dreaming and deep sleep states.

He continues to portray, describe and presents the relationship and the conjunction between the three states and the role of the perceiver, the observer, and the witness. That which are perceived and observed in the waking state undergo changes in the dream State and altogether quite different order of perceived and observed objects, facts and events are perceived in this state.

Yet, the same perceiver, the same observer, the identical self-same record-keeper exists persistently; while the objects, facts and events having undergone changes or constantly changing. It has to be borne in mind that in these two states – waking and dreaming – feelings, sensations, thought, memory are in operation.

To be continued



The flag hoisting Mahotsava ceremony to mark Vaikasi Visaka festival of Arulmigu Sri Muthumariamman Kovil Wattegama took place recently. Here the Chief Priest Rev K Sivakumarak Kurukkal at the ceremony.

A special pooja festival titled “Sri Namanavami Aarathana” organised by the Colombo Aalwargal Samajayam took place at the Colombo Ramakrishna Mission Hall, Wellawatta last week. Rev. Aaiyarpadi Ramakrishnan and President International Hindu Guru Peedam Rev. K. Wytheswaram Kurukkal participated.

The annual “Ther” Chariot festival of Arulmigu Srimath Ukkra Maha Kaliamman Kovil, Sea Street, Colombo 11 was held this year with the participation of several thousands of devotees. Here the colourfully decorated chariot being taken in procession from the kovil premises around the streets.

A Bakthi Geetha recital presented by the music group attached to the Maurapathy Sri Pathrakaliamman kovil Wellawatta at the music festival titled “Erainama Sangeerthana” held at the Colombo Tamil Sangam (on 19.5.2011). The event was organised by the Poornam Cultural Institute, Borella, Colombo 8. Pictures by A Maduraveeran




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