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Thursday, 19 May 2011






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They who see truth as truth and untruth as untruth, will see truth, because they entertain right thoughts                                    -  Dhammapada


Last stages of war, Darusman’s laxity and UNP’s hopes

The veteran Sinhala journalist Wasantha Priya Ramanayake in his weekly article for the Sinhala daily ‘Lankadeepa’ has come up with the last days of the humanitarian operation carried out by the Sri Lankan security forces, compassion shown by the Sri Lankan security forces to the Soosai’s family, as well as to the family of Thamilselvan, parents of Velupillai Prabhakaran, and many other LTTE leaders, several hundreds of Black Tiger suicide cadres, and the failure of controversial Darusman Panel to comment on these events and the UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe’s double standard during the war and on the controversial Darusman Report.

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Building a local technological capability

Socio-economic scene - Sher Azad

In January 1996 the science journal Nature published a report from Gill Juleff, a British Archaeologist, that wind-driven blast furnaces had been used for smelting steel in the Samanalawewa area in the first millennium.

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BRIC: economic power house in the making

PARALLEL Perspectives - Philip Fernando

Brazil, Russia, India and China are the cynosure of the world - as a group they are called BRIC. The four countries are beginning to be dominant economies. They would equal or surpass USA, Germany, Japan and France as a bloc within the next two decades.

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