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Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment
                                             - Jim Rohn


Sociological aspects of crime

The crimes are events and actions that are proscribed by the criminal law of a particular country (Wilkins 1968). In general, the society and its existing laws define crime. Sometimes crime in one society may not be seen as an offence in another society. Sometimes acts of crime depend on the socio-cultural values, religious belief systems and political ideology.

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Time for civil society to recover lost or robbed identity card

The Morning Inspection- Malinda

Last week, while interviewed Rajpal Abeynayaka and me on City FM, the presenter, Indika Jayaratne came up with a splendid proposal. Sivil samaajaya jana sathu kala yuthuda? he asked. Should ‘civil society’ be nationalized or vested with the people was his question. On the face of it this seems a meaningless idea. It’s like asking ‘should cricket be cricket?’ Well, it is not football and it cannot be rugger, except of course in a metaphorical sense.

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Risorgimento Italian Rebirth

One hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Italian unification:

On March 17 2011, Italy - a country which boasts a history that is rich and vibrant - celebrates 150 years to the day when it attained unification. It was March 17, 1861 when Vittorio Emanuele II, King of Piedmont-Sardinia, proclaimed the birth of the new Italian Kingdom in Turin, which became its first capital (since then, it has been the capital of the same Piedmont-Sardinia, in Northern Italy).

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