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Japan tsunami disaster

Tsunami caused major devastation in Japan. Picture courtesy: Google

Dear Children,

This has been a very eventful and sad week.

The whole world was taken aback and in shock at the earthquake and tsunami tragedy in Japan. March 3, 2011 was a dark day in Japan’s history. It is known as 3-11 - the day that Japan experienced its biggest ever earthquake in history.

According to seismologists this undersea quake which measures 8.9 or 9 on the Richter scale off Northeast Japan is the seventh largest on record taking scores of lives and causing lots of damage.

The previous biggest earthquakes to hit Japan were in Tokyo in 1923 and Kobe in 1995.

Discovery final landing. Picture courtesy: Google

Shuttle Discovery lands after final voyage

Any space fans among you children? I know that some of you are big fans of space films like Star Trek and Star Wars.

Then you would be familiar with the space shuttle ‘Discovery’.

The Discovery Shuttle which was first launched into space 27 years ago landed at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida for the last time.

Discovery which was the most flown spaceship in the world which returned from orbit for the last time will now be a museum piece. The Discovery Space Shuttle made 39 missions, travelled 148 million miles, made 5,830 orbits of earth and spent 365 days in space.

Have a nice week!

Aunt Anji

My first day at school

The first day I entered school I was four years old. I was sad leaving the house and my parents, but when I saw the gate which looked like a giant I thought school life is scary. I did not know anything at that time. I didn’t have friends and I did not know any thing but going to school on the first did give an excitement because I had many students like me all together in the class.

When I saw teachers I thought that they were people who take us away somewhere.

But I enjoyed first day at school because I had new people around me and good teachers to teach me. After the school was over I didn’t know how to go out but now I know how to go.

Until my parents come I used to be with the teacher and talk with her. After my parents came I was very happy but I think that I have found another joyful home.

My first day to school is very special.

Shamna Aslam , 4 A, Learnium International , Colombo

Powerful beings

– Part 61

In ‘Kid’s Den’...

Four children, Pramodaka, Nalaka, Champika and Chinthaka, go on a trip to the woods with their parents for their school holidays. In the middle of the night the children are awakened by a strange noise. On following their dog, Scooby, Chinthaka is snared by the spell of the ‘luring stones’. Pramodaka departs with Ruwi, a pixie, to recall a book of spell to cast off the spell while the others remain behind with Sachi, a gnome. A storm breaks and the kids are scattered. A sleeping spell is unleashed and all the unmythical creatures including the children fall asleep. Strangely Pramodaka is the only one awake.

Meanwhile Sulo, the goblin who is always trying to make trouble for the mythical creatures, comes up with a nasty plan. She rushes off gang up the rest of her pack and reveals an age old secret.

However the group discovers that it is not only Sulo’s secret that is uncovered by the storm. Something dark and deadly had been hidden in the depths of the earth waiting to release itself and return for revenge...

(‘Return of the Kids’ is the sequel to ‘Kid’s Den’)

Emida was relieved. The boy was waking up at last. Whatever had put him to sleep had passed away. She heaved a sigh of content.

Chinthaka opened his eyes and blinked. He was watching the gnome patting Scooby’s head one minute ago and now suddenly he was lying on the ground. What was going on?

As he got to his feet Emida thought back. She realized the danger they had faced. It was like an alarm which had gone off within her. Her senses were alert. She decided that the woods were not safe anymore.

“Let us move away from here. I know a safe place. We can head over there...” she whispered.

“But my brothers and sister must be searching for me. Shouldn’t we go back to that place which you found me,” he asked looking around nervously. He did not like the look of the woods at all. What had once been inviting looked like a dark and evil place. He wondered why they had been so enthusiastic to go camping in the first place. It would have been better to stay home and spent time playing cricket and video games with his friends.

“We can track them down later. I know who can help us. They are powerful beings. They will see that you come to no harm...”

She beckoned the dog to her and singled that they should move on. Chinthaka hesitated for a second. He would much rather be in his sibling’s company but the though of being left along in the woods did not appeal to him at all. Safety was the deciding factor. He fell into step with her.

Soon the two were travelling up a footpath. The river was within sight and they were moving parallel to its bank. He saw a couple of frogs hopping into the water and a kingfisher roosting on a nearby tree.

“Well hello. Where are you heading this fine day dear dame?” a voice inquired near his elbow, making him jump. He looked around puzzled. The voice was coming from nearby but he could not find its owner.

Wide eyed he watched Emida bending down to address a grasshopper on a tall blade of grass near their feet.

To be continued

Flying kites Tablecloth My Flower Garden
Ravidu Bhanika Parakrama Wijenayaka
Grade 1 Olu
Sri Dharmaloka MV, Kelaniya
Mariyam Imtiaz
2B, Bishop’s College
Colombo 3
Arushi Weerathunga
Sujatha Pre-school, Nugegoda
Birds in pond Our house A car My self
Lakhitha Wijeratna
Learnium International School
Chathuka Uthsara Udukumburuge
IG, Isipathana College
Thenul Nanayakkara
Sujatha Pre-school, Nugegoda
Yunalie Sithusa
Sujatha Pre-school, Nawala

The Kingston College International (Mutwal branch) held its annual Inter-house sportsmeet recently at the Sugathadasa Stadium presided over by College Chairman Dr T Kumaraverl. Mr and Ms Christopher were the chief guests while Pakkiarajah (Director - principal) was the guest of honour. Here LKG students participating in a fancy dress competition.
The Minuwangoda Nilpanagoda Nipuni Pre-school held their year-end concert. Here students presenting a dance item. Pre-school teacher Niranjala Thisera also participated. Picture by Ivon Nissanka, Divulapitiya group correspondent


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