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Threes a crowd

There are two people in this story. Well call one P and the other J. They are both employed at my work place. My relationship varies to a large degree between them because I know more about J than P. One fact is common. They are both organized people and it is easy to work with them.

The two girls characteristics are different. Both are attractive in their own way. J is a warmer person while P opens up only to those who had won her trust.

She moves along with a few people. I do not know if this is due to a past experience. She hardly speaks to others at office except on business matters.

J is a contrast to Ps ice maiden image. S would talk to anyone who would return her smiles. She cares for others to the extent that if she finds one of her close friends in an unhappy situation she is willing to put aside her work to lift his or her spirits.

She maybe a social being, but there is a deeper side to her as well. Once you confide something to her she will do her best not to let you down. Her feelings run deep for those who have won her heart.

Choices depend on the path we take

This is not another column about contrasting personalities but one about choices. Both could have made similar decisions and treaded similar paths but it did not happen that way. They took contrasting decisions which brought different results. Let me tell you how. Ill begin with P

P was assigned to handle work in a certain sector a couple of years back. She met a colleague in a different department. Naturally as they were from the same company they began working together. P began to realize that her colleague W was suffering from depression. He was married and had two children and a wife but he consoled himself by basking in her sympathy.

Maybe her first intentions were to help him out. I truly believe that she wanted to help him lead a happier existence but things might have gotten out of hand. Many believe that P had struck a relationship with J.

Then its Js turn. Luckily it was a party outside her own office yet engaged in a profession connected with her field. He never told her that he is married and had kids. She found out about that after doing a research on him when he had asked her out.

That would have ended all links but when he called again he confessed that he had lied to because he thought that she would never give him her number had he told her the truth at their first meeting.

He too was melancholic. The only joy in his marriage was his two-year-old daughter. Maybe it was wrong for J to feel sympathy for him. She did wonder if it is one of those catchphrases that womanizers used to entrap their victims.

The good news is that she forgave him and let him go. She knew that such a liaison would only tarnish three lives. Twos company and threes a crowd. She gave him strength to work out their differences for the sake of his daughter.

Extra-marital office relationships are common. I have heard of many and turned a blind on even more. I admit that I do not know the exact nature of Ps relationship with W. I dont think she knows where it will end either. There are times when I look up and see her pretty face and wish that she had taken a route similar to S because there will come a day when she wishes that she deserves much more than what is offered to her.


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