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Peradeniya University Medical Faculty

The Medicine Faculty Peradeniya University will be 50 years old on January 4, 2012. It has made a contribution of a significant nature to Science in general and the country in particular during this period. We hope to celebrate this contribution in the from of a four day Conference in the first week of January, 2012.

During the last year, on the national list of graduates passing out of all six Medical Faculties of the country, one of our graduates took first place. We had four within the first 10, 19 within the first 50 and a further 17 between the 51st and the 100th. This statistics speaks eloquently for the quality of our undergraduate training at the national level. We take on a average of 200 local and up to 15 foreign undergraduates each year. We put them through a modern integrated curriculum where the scientific and clinical components are well integrated. The non-clinical part of the curriculum is fully quantified on a credit basis and the clinical part on the basis of hours of work. We think we are the only Faculty in Sri Lanka to do this.

Peradeniya University
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Teaching programs

Senaka Bibile (a widely acclaimed Pharmacologist), responsible for developing a National Drug Policy for Developing Countries was the first Dean of our Faculty. His influence still pervades the Faculty, which emphasize social responsibility in all its activities and teaching programs.

Our Alumni have achieved eminence at international and national levels. Prof Sriyal Malik Peiris, a Virologist was awarded a DSc by our University and is famous as the person who described the SAARS virus. Prof Nimal Senanayake still on our staff was also awarded a DSc, for his signal contribution in the field of Toxicology and Neurology.

These two names are mentioned only to illustrate the international and national eminence achieved by our Alumni. There are many others who have reached great eminence.

The Medical Faculty is involved in research in Poisons and Venoms and their effects on humans, the functioning of nerves, kidney diseases, infections, nutrition, vascular disease, diabetes and gastrointestinal disease and many other areas. Each year we publish on an average 25 articles in reputed international journals which we display on a notice board in our Faculty. Suffice it to say we now need additional notice board space.

Clinical services

The Faculty provides clinical services in Medicine, Surgery, Obs and Gynecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Anesthesiology, Pathology, Microbiology, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Specialized services in Neurology, Toxicology, Vascualr diseases and transplant, Nephrology and Gastroenterology are also provide at national level. All this activity is carried out at the Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya.

Apart from the staff of the Medical Faculty and the Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya, the consultant staff of the General Hospital, Kandy are actively involved in the training of our undergraduates and play a vital role in producing high quality doctors. The Faculty is active in the postgraduate training of doctors in all disciplines leading up to the MD degree and Consultant Certification. Each year 40-50 such trainees undergo training in the Faculty’s Departments.

The Faculty runs an active website in which all its programs are displayed. The address is www.pdn.ac.lk


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