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False sense of superiority feelings

Why do some of us struggle?
To be the first!
To defeat others!
To be the superior!
Because we don’t like to be the second!

Sometime ago, I was wondering why people struggle so hard to achieve superior levels…It is acceptable to aim the great heights in our lives but if the aim is to defeat others by hook or crook and grab the winning flag, then it is a false sense, which may cause destruction.

If you can’t tolerate others passing you in the race of life then you might try to be the first by not letting them to participate in the race, or you may unethically dismiss them from the race. It is good to be the first, until you are not letting others to run the race with you!

Why some of the nations struggle to defeat other nations? To be the first and not they are not keen on seeing others being the first!

Why some of the powerful nations try to spoil other immerging nations? Because they do not tolerate other nations to be immerged; immerged in the sense, developed economically and socially!

Why we witness wars between countries, so-called ethnic groups, tribes and so on? Because each of them wants to be the superior and they don’t like to see others in that position! It is a must to have personal goals in life. It will lead you to achieve at least 75 percent of the expected target! But if you do not like others to have such goals and if you would not prefer to see others achieve their personal goals before you, then it is not ethical. It is a part of jealousy and the result may be destruction! If you want only yourself to be the FIRST then it is a false sense of superiority feelings which may end up with harmful actions.

Superiority cannot be plundered; it cannot be grabbed in one night! It is an outcome of your ethical work, talents, management skills and organized life. If you are eligible to be the superior then people around you autonomously consider you as a superior.

For that, your attitudes, working ability, education and ethics will be hugely considered! If you try to plunder a superior position which is not eligible for

you then there will be conflicts. We can experience “false sense of superiority” in, many walks of life. When we were schooling, when we are working, when we are playing and basically when we walk in the garden of life, we come across the outcomes of it. It is the cause for many crimes and evil acts in the contemporary world!

How to overcome this? If we understand that, not only ourselves but also others like to be the first and it is natural to have that feeling and if we tolerate others being first then most of the problems will be solved. Being the second or third even the last is not a problem until you try your BEST!

The position is decided by you. If you are satisfied by the position that you gained then you are the FIRST!

Everyone does not know everything! Everyone has different talents. The important feature is to identify your talents and try to be within yourself. If you know your strengths and weaknesses then that is the starting point of your success!

Everyone cannot achieve everything in this life! If you are satisfied with the

things you have achieved according to your goals (visions) then you are the FIRST in the race!!!

We must struggle to achieve our goals

By letting not others not to achieve their goals…

It is OK to be the second, third or even the last in the race

Until you know you have ethically given the BEST out of you!


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