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SLT PEO TV leads rank in infotainment

Romance, thriller, action all in your home cinema:

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) is a novel feature introduced on SLT PEO TV platform and this great service is offered for the first time in Sri Lanka. SVOD service was launched in December 2010 and now it is readily available for SLT PEO TV subscribers offering a large number of Blockbuster English movies and drama series to enjoy with unlimited viewing capability during a period of one month for a monthly subscription. Service is designed to offer convenience and choice for customers. Customers will have the advantage to choose their favourite movies and watch them at a time convenient converting a living room to their own cinema.

Customers will have the advantage to choose their favourite movies
and watch them at a time convenient

Movies and tele-series will be available in the PEO TV SVOD video library and customers will not be billed on a pay per view basis. Customer will have to pay a monthly subscription fee only. Movies of Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romantic, Suspense, Thriller and much more are now brought to your living room just at your command. You can simply select the movie and sit back and enjoy whenever you want. SVOD content will be updated on a monthly basis to offer the best content to the subscribers. The current content is from one of world’s leading movie house HBO and in future such content of multiple partners will be available on PEO TV SVOD service.

SLT Visioncom CEO Thusha Weerasooriya said “SLT PEO TV has revolutionized the traditional TV experience with characteristic features such as digital quality pictures, TSTV (Time Shift TV- 48 hours of content), Rewind TV (Pause, Rewind live television) and video on-demand content (VOD). These unique features have given the viewers a greater degree of control of watching what you want, when you want. To enhance the customer experience a more user friendly EPG version and few unique applications have been developed in house in the aim of delivering a better service with a new look and feel.” He further added “SLT PEO TV customers are now offered with some unique services and applications such as Astrology Guide, Rainbow Pages, Pitarata Jobs, Colombo City Guide, News Feeds, and Daily Weather Updates of key cities in Sri Lanka, which will be further developed into regions of the world in the future. These are some of the interesting services enjoyed by the customers currently.”

New PEO TV interface and “PEO APPS” services with popular internet applications are ready to be launched very soon to transform the current tele-viewing practice to a more information and value driven unique experience.

Year 2011 is planned with bunch of new services and features to be offered to SLT PEO TV customers.

Maintain Rs 100,000 balance to hope for the Mercedes:

Pathum Vimana enables two-way win for savers

HNB gave thrift a whole new dimension some eighteen years ago with the introduction of a novel incentive Scheme named Pathum Vimana providing customers with much more than savings.

Pathum Vimana 2011 opens on the theme: “Everyone wants it. But only you can have it.” This simply means that you have to be in the Pathum Vimana Scheme to win from a plethora of prizes worth millions of rupees that thousands are after. Interestingly this theme revolves around how everyone from aliens to super heroes yearn to be in the draw to win these fabulous prizes, but only our very own customers have the opportunity of claiming them. There is, for instance, a Weekly Draw (Sathiye Lakshapathiya) with a handsome prize of Rs 100,000 Supplementing weekly chances is a TV Game Show with cash prizes ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 100,000 A bonanza awaits regular savers every month with a Draw (Monthly Millionaire Draw) that carries Rs. One Million as the prize! The Harvest Draw, scheduled for the month of October offers four Tractors as prizes. The Year End Max Draw has 180 motorcycles up for grabs. If you feel more secure on four wheels, there is a Year End Car Draw for two Suzuki Swifts.

The Year End Grand Draw certainly lives up to its name because it provides a chance to own a luxury house worth Rs 10 million - with the option of the value in cash.

The climax is the Year End Premium Draw. This Draw previously offered one luxury Mercedes Benz Car in the past, but this year, HNB has jacked up the offer and Two Mercedes Benz cars await two lucky winners!

Naturally, there are conditions. To be eligible for all Draws, other than the Year End Premium Draw, Year End Max Draw and the Harvest Draw, a balance of Rs 10,000 must be maintained in a Savings Account, Minors’ Savings Account or Current Account for a minimum period of one calendar month immediately prior to the Draws.

The Harvest Draw and Year End Max Draw require a balance of Rs 5,000 to be maintained in a Savings or Minors’ Savings Account for a period of one calendar month immediately prior to the Draw.

To be in the running for the luxury Mercedes Benz cars however, a balance of Rs 100,000 in a Savings Account or Minors’ Savings Account or Rs 50,000 in a Current Account for the same time period as for the other Draws are prerequisites.

All accounts that qualify for the Year End Premium Draw also enjoy a minimum of 10 chances to win in any of the other Draws too! There’s more - account holders can multiply their chances too with having one extra chance for every multiple of the minimum balance and one extra chance for every month the qualifying balances have been maintained.

Pathum Vimana 2011, HNB’s way of saving the best for savers - with special emphasis on what a famous Roman philosopher, statesman and lawyer once musingly queried “Cannot people realize how large an income is thrift?” Now Pathum Vimana is poised to supplement that income and to reiterate, the only requirement is that you have to be in it to win it.

NSB uses e-Remittance

Another feather in EFuture’s cap

The e-Remittance Solution is one of the products that is offered by EFutures, the premiere web and software development company.

Thousands of people currently work and live in a country that is not their home, and send funds regularly back to their families in their country. With Sri Lanka specialising in providing skilled services in foreign countries, most of the foreign exchange to Sri Lanka is received through remittances to banks. The e-Remittance solution developed by EFutures facilitates inward remittance, through effective and efficient online services that allows the foreign correspondent banks to remit the funds into the domestic bank.

National Savings Bank, a premier Licensed Specialized Bank in Sri Lanka owned by the Government of Sri Lanka has deployed the e-Remittance solution to manage their inward remittances. NSB has won the trust of people and come a long way to lead the country’s rupee savings market and is the only local bank to receive AAA Fitch Ratings for 8 consecutive years. NSB have got 16.3 million Sri Lankans banking with the bank.

The e-Remittance solution has also been implemented in another leading commercial bank in Sri Lanka. EFutures is in the process of discussing with two other leading banks to provide the e-Remittance solution. The solution developed using the latest in technology includes key features such as tracking remittances, high security, multiple foreign currency support, high user friendliness, periodic accounts statement generation and tracking all user operations. The e-Remittance solution is currently been used by two premier banks in Sri Lanka. Director, Prashan Nagendra said that one of the key benefits of using the e-Remittance solution is that the banks will be saving funds which otherwise will have to be paid as commission to other parties over extensive periods of time.

Tech Zone to distribute world’s fastest memory modules

G Skill International Co. Ltd., manufacturer of extreme performance memory and high performance solid-state storage, recently announced the appointment of Tech Information Solutions as it’s exclusive distributor for Sri Lanka. G Skill Memory modules are world renowned for it’s powerful performance and also has the World’s fastest RAMs produced so far. Specially made for overclockers, gaming enthusiasts and extreme graphic users , G Skill products undergo a series of the most rigorous tests and strict quality control processes. In addition to a committed, qualified IC testing house to examine products, all G Skill products are 100% tested to ensure the highest yield, reliability and quality.

Tech Zone

Speaking about the new tie up with G Skill, Tech Information Solutions Chairman Mohamed Naushad says, “We always strive to bring the extreme in computing to Sri Lanka, G Skill is another proud addition to our portfolio of high tech computer products. G skill is world renowned for their innovation in manufacturing extreme performance memory modules and solid-state drives, Tech Zone is glad to be associated with such an organization.

G Skill, established in 1989 by enthusiasts, is a leading memory module Manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan. With traditional strengths, G Skill has built an excellent reputation by meeting market demand and fostering business competitiveness both locally and internationally with it’s dedication to provide competitive prices, On-Time Delivery, Assured Quality, Customer-Oriented Services and Diversity of Products.

Tech Zone is a popular IT store in Colombo which also entered the hill capital recently by opening a high tech computer store at the Kandy City Centre. It is also a Channel Partner Premier of Intel, the world leader in computer processors. In addition to being a top distributor for Intel, Tech Zone also brings high end computer components and accessories for Gaming and high graphics. The range includes G.Skill, which is the world’s fastest memory module, EVGA branded VGA cards and mother boards, Inwin PC casing which is especially made for Gaming PCs to facilitate extreme performance and razer keyboards, mouse and audio accessories for gaming use.

SLIIT Toastmasters encourage readers

The Toastmasters Club of the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) has organized a book exhibition to be held on the January 26 and 27 at SLIIT’s Malabe Campus.

Many well-known publishers such as Sarasavi Bookshop, Expographic Books Private Ltd., Vijitha Yapa, M D Gunasena and Makeen Books to name a few, will participate at this book exhibition and provide attractive discounts.

The exhibition is open to the public on both days.

PMB contributes to mark Buddha Jayanthi

Here People’s Merchant Bank, Managing Director/CEO Anura Wickremasinghe presents the cheque to the Temple’s Chief Incumbent Ven Anuradhapura Dhammissara Thero.

People's Merchant Bank PLC (PMB), has been involved in meeting its obligations towards the nation and the community by undertaking various projects.

In keeping with its commitment and also to coincide with 2600th Buddha Jayanthi, PMB has decided to donate Rs 100,000 to construct the chaitya of the Sri Bodhirukkaramaya Temple of Batuwana, Niyadurupola located in the Kegalle district to benefit all worshippers and also to educate the younger generation of the importance of safeguarding the country's heritage.

Thus, company has focused and channelled its efforts through branch network as being the best presence on the ground to address chosen issues. This donation took place at the Sri Bodhirukkarama Temple on January 19.

Durdans opens Sixth Lane Wing

Durdans Hospital has expanded to increase the quality and variety of services provided to the Sri Lankan public.

The hospital's newest venture, the Durdans Hospital Sixth Lane Wing, offers host of new facilities.

To its present strength of 150 beds, the new wing will add another 150 beds out of which would be 115 new rooms. These new rooms will comprise a Super Grand Suite, five Grand Deluxe Rooms, 12 Super Deluxe Rooms and 101 Deluxe Rooms. Each room has been designed with modern facilities and amenities to ensure the ideal comfort and ambience needed for recuperation. Added to the same, the hospital also introduced an Orthopaedic, Laparoscopic and Maternity Theatres along with two General Theatres.

Durdans newest wing also includes a 15 bed Heart Command Centre - the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. The facility is equipped with advanced monitoring systems, inbuilt medical gas systems and modern ventilators and defibrillators to handle any medical emergency.

Durdans launched the first 'Single Center Concept' in cardiac care in Sri Lanka, establishing a strategic alliance with the world's largest free standing cardiac care institute in 1999.

Today, the Durdans Heart Center has some of the most technologically advanced facilities in the country and undeniably, the most preferred cardiac center for Sri Lankans.

The first dedicated heart station in the country, is supported by renowned cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.

It is equipped with cutting edge technology and to date Durdans has notched the highest success rate with both non invasive cardiac investigations as well as invasive cardiac procedures.

The hospital also contains the largest Radiology Department in Sri Lanka.

Debug gets ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification

Recognition incentive to serve even better:

Debug Computer Peripherals was recently awarded by the International Standard Organisation with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System certification from the local awarding body SGS Limited.

The Senior Management of Debug Computer Peripherals with the ISO officials.

Speaking on this happy occasion, Debug Computer Peripherals Managing Director, Moiz Najmudeen said, "When we first started discussing about implementing ISO 9001 standard in our company, our main concern was whether we can get any benefit by implementing this standards because we had seen many companies who had implemented many standards, but they never deliver or exceed customer expectations. Therefore, I had second thoughts about going for this standardization. However, we decided to go thorough the evaluation of ISO and also service providers and finally decided to go for the implementation and personally instructed the senior management, to get involved in the implementation work and get the maximum benefit and let the certification be a by-product of what we do. The reason we wanted to do it, is to give that benefit to our customers and we always strive to delight them with the products we supply and service we provide. We have done this by streamlining our operations, get rid of bottle necks, standardizing systems, training of staff and most importantly excellent customer care. I believe ISO 9001 standards had provided us that tool and we had made use of it in order to meet our objectives. Therefore, I believe this certificate has recognized our passion for customer intimacy and given us and our esteemed customers the expected benefit and we all at Debug should keep it in mind to maintain and keep on improving of what we did, and this in turn will help us to maintain the standards without much of an effort," he said.

"I take this opportunity to thank all my staff for their great effort in achieving this status and also our consultants who had guided us in implementing this standards effectively and not forgetting our Auditors who had given us a very good value addition during their auditing," he concluded.

LH regards miracle of life sacred

Celebrating a twin victory in every sense of the word - Lanka Hospitals (LH) announces this week that the IVF Fertility Centre has now passed its 150th milestone In Vitro Fertilization (IVF baby). Within a span of 28 months the IVF Fertility Centre of Lanka Hospitals has accomplished a feat of more than 300 pregnancies and 150 newborn babies making it the most successful in Sri Lanka with a 42 percent success rate in COH IVF cycle on par with the best IVF centres in the world. The centre also reports big plans for the future, with the goal being to enhance the success rate to 50 percent-55 percent by 2011.

Speaking at the birth, Lanka Hospitals CEO Lakith Peiris asserted that the objective of setting up the centre was to "Making the joy of a child possible for couples who have struggled to conceive is what each member of the IVF Fertility Centre aims to do. And this exactly what has been offered Gunawardana from Gampaha, who had been married for six years and had no children and turned to IVF after the couple faced complications relating to conception.

They have now been blessed with twins - a true success story which strengthens the Fertility Centre's slogan 'Where life begins'.

Commercial Credit Ltd propelled to become big:

Service promise extended to Ratnapura

On the fast track towards establishing itself as one of the most exciting and progressive finance companies in Sri Lanka, Commercial Credit Limited is poised to expand and enhance its presence in the country as it pursues its vision of becoming a significant force in the finance industry.

Commercial Credit CEO Roshan Egodage, Central Bank Additional Director H M Ekanayake, Commercial Credit Chairman Vagdevi Fernando and Commercial Credit Working Director G Egodage at the opening.

A change of management in October 2009 infused Commercial Credit with new leadership, strength and vision, fuelled by a desire to propel the company towards the highest echelons of the industry through a pioneering corporate culture. Moving towards a liberated corporate mindset, powered by a dedicated and empowered workforce striving to reach new levels of performance and service, Commercial Credit is proving the merit of this strategy through a rapidly multiplying customer base.

The re-launch of Commercial Credit's presence in Ratnapura is an extension of this service promise, as the company aims to build strong customer relationships through an enhanced and extended portfolio of services. "Those who eagerly awaited the unwrapping of the company's new premises in the district under the theme 'Unwrap Your Dreams', will now be able to experience the same unprecedented levels of service and satisfaction offered by the flagship branch in Colombo," said Regional Manager of the Ratnapura Branch, Ayesh Pitigala. "Our aim is to help the people of Ratnapura realize their financial aspirations through the variety of flexible services that we offer, facilitating the district's economic empowerment," he added.

The new branch was declared open by chief guest Central Bank Additional Director H M Ekanayake, who commended Commercial Credit for its remarkable performance, with the Company being tipped to hit the Rs 5 billion mark in its asset base, thus bringing it into the category of Sri Lanka's Large Finance companies. "The fact that Commercial Credit has recorded a remarkably low NPL of 2 percent is a laudable achievement and we look forward to the Company taking its place as a stable leader in the Country's finance sector." He said that with the cessation of hostilities, Sri Lanka was now poised to become a hub for several sectors, while the attractive incentives offered for foreign investment should propel the country into a new era. Ekanayake added that the Central Bank would be introducing a new act shortly to ensure the stability of all financial institutions in the country and acknowledged the contribution made by the Country's financial institutions towards the growth of the economy.

Commercial Credit's Chief Executive Roshan Egodage said that company will at all times aspire to not only reach but exceed the standards set by the Central Bank. "We greatly admire the leadership role played by the Central Bank and will aspire towards their endorsement in any and all ventures we undertake," he said.

NOLIMIT loyalists have nice time in Bangkok

The biggest fashion chain in Sri Lanka - conducts promotions exclusively for its Arapaima loyalty card holders. The lucky winners of the Arapaima promotion 2010, which was held last October were offered a tour to Bangkok and 19 winners participated in the tour.


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