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Ganga Sudharshini foretells your fortune

Spot on!

Ganga Sudarshani Karunarathne. Picture by Rukmal Gamage

How do some people seem to make the right decision every single time? Some of them seem to have the Midas touch, be it prospering in business, cruising through exams or excelling in day to day circumstances.

Watch them long enough and you’ll begin to think they have a crystal ball that lets them predict the future. And they do. It’s not a paranormal phenomenon they possess but getting the advice from the right people that helped them avoid misfortune and lure lady luck to their doorstep.

Ganga Sudarshani Karunarathne possesses this gift of foresight. Predicting the dangers overhead and how to reap future benefits, her ability to relate accurate information had earned her fame.

“I am not an astrologer because I have never studied the subject. I foretell the future. I have been relating future happenings ever since childhood.

‘One of father’s friends will be visiting us today and his vehicle will topple over in Welimada’ and ‘Dompe Seeya will pass away today’ are some of the predictions I have made as a child,” Karunarathne recalled.

Her prophecies were kept as a secret within the family circle because her parents did not wish strangers eyes to fall on this mysterious power donated to their little lass.

Her gift finally came to light when she mentioned that Martin Air DC8 will crash into Saptha Kanya mountain range in 1974. She happened to mention this to the village temple priest who marveled at her gift of second sight.

“None of my predictions have turned out to be false. A person’s name and birthday is sufficient for me to relate his or her future aspects. I am able to locate the good and bad incidents which will take place in your future. I do not withhold information on whatever turn the person’s future takes. If some sort of tragedy is about to take place it is best to know about it prior to its incident,” Karunarathne noted.

Liberating cows at Mahiyanganaya Raja Maha Viharaya

Presenting wheelchairs to disabled children at Ruwanwelisaya

Scientific research had revealed that one out of million possess abnormal psychic powers. This is known as Para Psychological Cognition and Abnormal behaviour.

Karunarathne believes that her powers were inherited through samsara. She had been engaging in a lot of meritorious activities from childhood, a habit which was practiced by her father Angampodi Aladdin de Soysa who was a well known ayurvedic physician.

“I used to wake up early and meditate. We always start and end our day after worshiping the Buddha and our parents. I have never killed a living thing in my life,” said the old girl of Akurala Vidyalaya and Madampe Maha Vidyalaya.

Karunarathne predicts the future for the poverty stricken for free. People from all walks of life sans political, religious, ethnic or class barriers visit her. Many Sri Lankan migrants have gotten her to their dwelling because they wanted to seek her advice. She donates a part of her earnings at the shrine of the main religion there.

“Some have even added my picture to the screen saver of their mobile phone because they have prospered through my guidance.

“They see me as a mother who directs them through the insecurities in life,” she smiled adding that she spends around 75 percent of her earnings on meritorious deeds. She had spent Rs 20 million to construct a Dharma Shala at Mahiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya and releases three cows destine to saluter every month. She had donated wheel chairs to disabled persons.

She says that there are certain instances when those who come to her for the first time do not accept her words at the start. They go in search of soothsayers clarify what she had told them.

Some even provoked by her predictions but they all return, full of apologies and tears, after her words became a reality.

“My future ambition is to build 100 houses for the poor. I also plan to construct a river. My main purpose is to serve Buddhism and the people of the country,” she concluded.



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