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Cricket is an extravagant metaphor for life

Life is a fascinating battle. It throws carom balls, yorkers, and bouncers when you least expect them. Unless you have the stamina, determination and quick reflexes to dig out the toe crushing yorker or the rib breaking bouncer that life send your way, there is a great possibility that you might end up losing the life's hectic battle. At the same time life will send you the juicy full toss or the gentle half-volley which you must put to the boundary

Batting for life

As is the case with life, cricket itself is more or less a mind game. The mindset is important. Negative field settings in a game of cricket will rarely give you the desired result. Instead positive, aggressive and inventive field placing will give you a good chance of picking up a wicket.

Same applies to the batsman. The positive mindset of the batsman is his greatest asset. Tentative flirts and hesitant strokes will more often than not result in his ultimate downfall. It is a case of building up your confidence to face each new delivery on its merit with a positive frame of mind.

The confidence is important. As a batsman, it always feels nice to get off the mark. Well struck shot to the boundary will give you the necessary boost and the momentum that you need to carry your innings forward. When you have the momentum with you, you must ride with it and make full use of it while it lasts.

Even if the momentum is not with you and you are struggling to make an impression, it is important that you do hang on and keep a tight hold of the situation, not letting things go out of your control. There is great lesson to be learned from this analysis. That is confidence; positive attitude and momentum are important factors that can turn your life around and help you in your way to the great glory.

True, at times cricket can be bit monotonous and boring. But you have to believe and be hopeful that the tide will turn and things will happen for the good. Having said that just going through the motions and playing the waiting game will not always yield in results. You yourself must put the effort and make things happen. Inventive field setting, putting pressure on the batsman and being positive will yield good results.

The luck is also important. It does play a major role in cricket. You can bowl a peach of a delivery to get the batsman in trouble, only to see it fly pass the outside edge, not giving you the ideal result you want. Or else there may even be days where you are so close to the victory and yet the rain gods will intervene to prevent you from winning. There are moments in a match when so much is dependent on the pre-match toss itself. With a little luck, it goes your way and you are already on your way to the victory or maybe it doesn't. Though we hate to admit it, great part of life itself is dependent on luck.

It's scary to think that so much is out of one's control. However the lack of fortune is by no means an excuse for losing. Saying goes that "fortune favours the brave" and at times you have to be brave and create your own luck to succeed. And it is this unpredictable nature of the sport itself that makes it a fascinating game. Likewise, it is all this drama, unpredictability and the excitement that life provides to us which make life worth living.

Last but not least, the fact has to be noted that cricket is a team game. Selfish thoughts and playing for the sake of individual brilliance will not give you the desired success that you want. Similarly, life itself is a team game. It is through working as a team and being supportive of each other that we can achieve great success.

Although we are all going with this post-modernist individualistic kind of ideology, we all are dependent, interrelated and interconnected in some sort of a way, people who think that they can make it on their own will soon realize that they can't. Therefore the teamwork is essential in achieving success.

Even if we take a batting partnership for instance, if it is to flourish, the pair needs to have a good understanding. They should have a good understanding as to how they are going to approach their target. It is essential that they support each other and compliment each other in their stroke play. When your batting partner is struggling for runs and going through a hard time, the other player should talk to him and probably feed him with the necessary courage and spur him to get through the rough patch.

This is meant to say that all of these qualities are essential even for a social relationship. A good understanding, being supportive and complimenting each other should pave the way for a good social relationship.

Speaking of the success behind the dominant form of Australia as a cricketing nation, John Alcott wrote, "Australianism means single-minded determination to win - to win within the laws but, if necessary, to the last limit within them.

It means where the 'impossible' is within the realm of what the human body can do, It means they have never lost a match - particularly a Test match - until the last run is scored or their last wicket down". The statement has a great moral lesson.

That is the indomitable will and great moral strength will carry you far in life to an extent that the impossible is within your reach to achieve.


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