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ĎDear violin, please donít stare at me; I canít play violinsí

Well, if not several times, I have had the particular feeling thousand times. I meant that violin should symbolize all the musical instruments. When I see a piano, when I see a guitar, when I see a flute or any other instrument my mind is haunted by the above feeling - Why? Because I canít play any of them; but I can admire otherís playing them.

Even though I canít play them I feel that I do have a little bit of in-born talent for singing; the reason for that is many people who have listened to me have mentioned so. Hence, I do have little self-satisfaction together with a little disappointment. I am keen on learning the art of playing guitars and pianos. But since I am in the same race where you are also running I find myself as a poor chap as the eternal constant, time does not allow me to fulfill my desire. But I know it is not an excuse; I will some how find time to learn some piano lessons. Well, it is the positive thinking motivation.

Why did I mention all the nonsense above? In my point of view, every human being must be in touch with an aesthetic aspect of life to be a complete human being. Arts and humanities have the feature of growing good-will and soft feelings. In this odd community we need our soft feelings to arise.

I strongly believe every human being does have at least one in-born talent related to aesthetics. We must as be associated with literature or music or paintings or drama or photography or whatever the aesthetic aspect we like because it can cure your work stress, your tension, your tiredness.

Even if you believe that you donít have any artistic talent embedded inside, you must admit that you can admire and appreciate any artistic work done by others which of course in the sake of humanity. You may be a lecturer, you may be a medical officer, you may be an engineer, you may be a lawyer, you may be a businessman, whatever you are; aesthetics make you a perfect professional. As I believe in this world, every thing has a rhythm; every action, every movement, every effort has a rhythm. Aesthetics help you to be in touch with that rhythm. It helps you to make your rhythm of life more effective. So, what you would do to improve the rhythm, in our spare?

* You can write (just like me), write about life, love, nature and so on - poems, songs, phrases, prose, stories whatever that makes you happy.

*You may paint - paint love, affection, care, kindness on a canvas with a pencil if you donít have colour paints.

*You can play musical instruments, you can sing. Learn to sing the songs of love, humanity, kindness.

*You can take nice photographs. You see the beauty of the world by your third eye.

Thus, you can make your self a perfect man or a woman.

Donít be stuck in one place of your life. It may hurt you. We all work; most of us are smiling on Friday afternoons and worrying on Monday mornings.

That routine can be changed and make your self more pro-active if you know that you can spare your leisure with your aesthetic soul mate, residing inside you. Well, this is how I feel and this is how I have asked myself to follow. It has given me many a smile.

Artistic flavour of life will avoid brutality, jealousy, anger and many other inhuman feelings as it spreads good-will.

Aesthetic man heals the world. He feels the heartbeat of his fellow beings. Writing, reading, singing, painting, dancing, acting or whatever make your mind cooler, will make you a better man who values human life.

So, time to wake up your soulmate, the aesthetic friend who sleeps inside you; if he or she is still sleeping because you need his or her assistance immediately.


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