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Enjoy whatever you do

If I ask you, “Do you enjoy yourself when you are doing something, for example, do you enjoy your office work? Do you enjoy your day to day life? Do you enjoy your weekend?” you may have several answers. Some may say “Yes of course we enjoy”. Some may say “Well, depending on the situation that we are in we enjoy.”

Ask any person what he/she would be like doing. He or she would generally answer that, instead of doing routine chores, like ironing, cooking food, or paying bills, or filing papers or de-cluttering house, or cleaning or dusting house, he or she would prefer to relax, or watch a movie, or read something interesting.

Anyway, as far as I know, if you don’t enjoy whatever you do, you won’t be successful with the particular work. And hence we must choose the things that we enjoy or we must see the better part of the things that we do and try to enjoy!

Most of us enjoy being with our families. But I am not sure that most of you enjoy yourself at your working places. If you are to be successful in your profession then you must make your working environment just like your home. We have to see the better half of everything. Just concentrate on the good things that you do and enjoy! You may make friends, you may make jokes, you may think out of the box to make your working environment, a home like place.

It is a very natural and legitimate desire. However, whatever we may wish, the fact remains, that routine tasks need to be done, it is the routine and regularity, which gives content and meaning to our life. The skill lies in making the same interesting and enjoying doing. Whatever we have to do, or are doing.

Leading an organized life will enable you take pleasure in the activities of your family, friends and enjoy your favourite activity or activities. One of the ways you can make your essential and work-related tasks enjoyable is to mix them with some activity, which takes away their drudgery.

We notice that any task, if it is regularly done, it will become routine. Routine work will be boring. While doing routine tasks, you can talk to your children or other family members. You can listen to music, watch funny videos and so on. There are endless ways in which you can take the tedium out of dreadful tasks.

Some people become slaves of their moods and their life swings, between one extreme and another. However, downbeat and depressing emotions can lead to obsessive patterns of negative behavior and serious wastefulness and ineptitude. For this purpose, it is essential to have adequate rest and sleep, may be a minimum of seven to eight hours sleep a night. This enables us to work better.

From my own experience I can say, that I am at my best, when I have some intervals between works. It aids concentration. And also I enjoy my spare time, doing what I like; for example, compering, writing, playing and watching cricket and so on. Growth tasks should not be pushed to the bottom of the barrel.

There should be a necessary balance, between the two, as both have an important role in our life, one for short-term and the other for long-term. Your effort should be, to have growth approach, so that you can move ahead, to still higher levels in life.So, we must enjoy whatever we do and do whatever you enjoy; otherwise we may have sorrow at the end of the day. Think twice..! This statement looks like controversial; but it has a meaning!


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