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Wednesday, 1 December 2010




Cascading waters

You cascaded down a precipitous fall
In gay abandon, in crystalline clarity
Infusing all the conceivable glory into your being
Spellbinding, breathtaking, rapturous,
Exceedingly alluring,
Were poor terminology to summarise your beauty.
For in its totality, linguistically indescribable.

The descend was akin to a youthful bride
Of exuberance decked in bridal dress.
Of conchshell white with a long veil
Following seepingly behind, descending down
A steep flight of steps to the tune
Of enchanting musical notes.

You addressed the sensitivity of poets
In eloquent terms,
Who immortalized your beauty
in their poetic thoughts.

Your stirred the creativity of painters,
Who in their brush strokes
Placed you in the realm of perpetuity.

You were a visual treat to onlookers.
You brought solace and salve
To the hearts and minds of those.
Caught in an inferno of commotion
Complication complexities and turbulence
In the context of the present day society.

Until progress appeared
Shrouded in the guise of service
With design to witlessly block your way
Directing you to a reservoir,
From there you were caused to creep through
Along a dark long tunnel,
Forcing you to be a force in generating electricity.

You thus, sacrificed your existence
In the name of progress.
What a sacrifice it was O! mortals.

I bear no faith in the so-called progress
Advancement or modernity,
That lead to indiscriminate denudation
of bountiful beauteous aspects
Created by benevolent nature.

Beware O! perpetrators
The punishment has commenced.

New Year memories

Children family kids customary arrival home
All live under one roof New Year charming tone
Amma prepares essential 'Sinhala Avurudu' hope
Malanie never out friends remark 'granny'tale

Past capacity fade utterly beyond imagination
Living fresh environment enjoy novel fascination
Lion Ivan, Malanie eldest Prassanna
departed sudden recollection
Kamani left Dinner Party
Capitol sad accident failed too operation

Chitti won husband survival brain serious operation
Janaki passed away complex illness situation
Annual journey happy kids grandparents
warmth passion
New Year festival entire crowd
gather memory occasion

Permanency lives assets never certified
Elders fade native shade need not worried
parents require return love care indeed
Neglect hurt inner feelings never exposed

Morning shaving face recollect memories
Palatial home fresh sweet breath denotes
Menu life satisfaction tasty offers
Malani arrange wonderful food desserts

Never cry but tears drop automatically
Isolated spacious room comforts bodily
Inner mind reflect mini care notably
Lion Ivan helped all never expected return saintly.


An important place at home,
Where if caters, the ones,
With salt or without,
Fats or non fats.
With sugar or non.

Urges your taste buds boom,
Gets your saliva ooze,
The delicious dishes,
Prepared hot and cold.

Different atmosphere,
With splendid care,
Tools and equipments,
To be a robotic share.

Men feel it's not their,
Only women should be there
Some help thinking it fair
But no man take that place,
as his own share.

Bride to be

The bride to be waits
With tears falling down
And till all flowers fade...

To son with love....

The day you came into being
My son, I felt I conquered
The whole world and
That miraculous birth was inscribed
In my heart in gold.
When inexplicable pleasure and affection
Overflowed my veins,
Smell of the milk made out of blood
Enlivened my soul, with
Innumerable lovely feelings

When you were crying for milk
Sometimes my shabby breasts were sobbing
But never, I fed you on with my tears, for
Springs of milk sprang up in blood vessels
For my love to you was noble...

When your soft little feet
Rising and falling,
Running after beautiful butterflies
Despite of risks,
Your mischievous laughter
Echoed in the environment
Pleasing my world of dreams...

When you were schooling
Hanging on to my fingers
Your non-stop childish talks,
Awoke my hopes constantly and
You became an uncrowned king
In my kingdom, and I felt
Proud of myself for giving birth
To a heroic son....

When you were matured enough
To recognize the world,
Your attitudes were changed
For the worse, unexpectedly.

All the fairy tales and
Lullabies I uttered, to make you asleep
Were laughed at sarcastically, and,
With the rapid march of the time
Your eyes were covered with
A dark curtain of an illusion of craving,
And, you left me in the lurch
Without any mercy, even then,
Being stranded in the world of tears
I prayed mercy on you, because,
I was your mother.....

When sleepless night and endless hopes
Entwined my anxiety,
My heart grew fonder to see your face,
But, according to my sin or yours,
All my efforts ended in torment
In my dilapidated little hut itself.

When you were found guilty
For deceiving the whole world
With your pranks, and taken into jail
Did you remember the lullabies
Sung by your innocent mother...

Hopes and sweet dreams
I had in your childhood,
Though smashed into pieces in the presence
Of my tear-filled eyes,
I never hated you, even in my dreams, for
Mothers can never curse their own children....

It's true my son, my heart was broken
It's true my son, my sympathy was shaken bitterly
It's true my son, my drams were withered in their buds
It's true my son, my life became aimless
For my sorrow is unbearable....

So, my beloved son, uncrowned king,
Never involve in nefarious activities in your next birth
Never keep company with ill-bred
characters for they are cruel
Never deceive and cheat others for it's a great sin
Never let your feelings induce you to hurt your mother
For it's unforgivable....

To my dead husband

Gone are the days
That I was happy always
Never will come those days
To be with your golden rays

Together we lived for thirty long years
Loving and sharing life with no tears
You left me to take your place in heaven
Leaving me in this hell of pain

Our children rocked and rolled with us
In their small and naughty days
You never punished for what they do
I had to monitor all of you

Our children are no more with me
Having gone to pastures beyond sea
I am a lonely heart that weep whole day
As all my sweet hearts have faded away

Your presence at home is always felt
Every pin falling tells me it's my sweet heart
The air that I breathe is the aroma of yours
I smell your presence hither and thither

My eyes are in tears always
When thoughts cross me about happier days
You and I with children together
Had the best of joy to forget for never

I weep and cry and look for you all
But no one answers my lonely call
My dog and cat never leave me alone
That is the solace I feel when all alone

There is no second, minute, day or week
Which my heart does not make me weep
All my angels have left me and gone
Leaving me in a hapless zone

I love you all but do not hate
For the fate that I suffer to date
But, I pray to be born with you,
If I happen to be born again

To dear grandmother

(Wishing you a very happy birthday)

As the scent of Jasmine in the air
You shed the scent of goodness, no matter where,
Like a delightful flower in full bloom
Your charming self blossoms, challenging gloom,
As a brilliant star in the night's face
You glisten showing admirable grace,
Like a tree, that spreads its branches far and wide
You nurtured many a sapling with care refined,
As our dear grandmother
with love and delightful mirth
You made our childhoods memorable and lives worth.

Domestic violence

While you yell at your Woman,
There's a man wishing be could
Whisper softly in her ears.

While you Humiliate offend and
insult her, there's a man flirting
With her, reminder her of how
wonderful she is.
While you Hurt your woman, there a man wishing he could love her,
While you make your woman cry there's a man stealing smiles from her
Paste this on your wall if your against Domestic Violence


Abdul Majeed Mohamed Porouque seeks permission to translate the poem 'There is a girl in my heart', which appeared on November 10 into Tamil.


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