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Wednesday, 1 December 2010



Cowboy films of yesteryear

We look back with fondness and nostalgia with lingering thoughts of the scenes of horse-riding cowboys with Muskats, rifles and other arms, in very colourful scenes of sun-setting in the cowboy films that we have seen at various theatre halls.

Some of the films that I have seen are Three Musketeers, Man in the Iron Mask, Corsican Brothers, Beauogeater, King Solomonís Mines and The Magnificent Seven.

Those were the days; back in 1962, I have recorded in diary.

Other interesting films that I have seen are James Bond and Relic Hunter. A few of the actors I can remember at this distant time are Tyroll Power (Corsican Brothers) Gary Cooper (Beauogeater) Chuck Norris, Burt Lancaster, Randolf Scott, Tia Career.

Other interesting films that I have seen are the Red Indian and the Whites confrontations. These films are well shot and are perfect in all movements and actions as Hollywood is one of the pioneering Film Co-op.

These films gave us septuagenarians, octogenarians and nonagenarians a thrilling time which we still linger in our minds with pleasure. Apropos Film Appreciation in November 3 Artscope, my views are another aspect of it.

I think these film copies could be obtained from the American Embassy and the British High Commission.

The films should be available in their archives under tape. Mahinda Chinthanaya has done everything possible to lead us a happy and contended life in the evening of our lives.

We fervently hope television channels will do the needful to make us the senior citizens to see these films once again.

The National Film Corporation is requested to get the abovementioned films and distribute to the theatres.


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