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Joint military exercise:

Navy takes part in Cormorant Strike

The Sri Lanka Navy is taking part in the joint military exercise codenamed Cormorant Strike which commenced yesterday, November 21. Over 2,500 personnel drawn from the Army, Navy and Air Force have joined the nine-day exercise conducted in the areas spanning from Silawathura Mannar to Mavillu in Thanthirimale, Anuradhapura.

Exercise ‘Cormorant Strike’ involves amphibious landing followed by operation on land under simulated combat action. An amphibious operation is the epitome of joint military action and thus, the success solely depends on efficiently executed amphibious actions by the Navy.

As such, the exercise gives an opportunity to the different elements of the Sri Lanka Navy to rehearse the concept of amphibious operations and enhance own skills.

In this exercise, the Navy is engaged in landing of troops and war materials from the sea and special operations conducted by the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) along with the Special Forces of the Sri Lanka Army.

The Navy executes its operations utilizing five Naval ships including a Landing Ship Tank (LST), a Landing Craft Utility (LCU), two Fast Gun Boats (FGBs), five Fast Attack Craft (FACs), 23 high speed Arrow boats and several Water jet type craft. Naval personnel attached to these ships and craft and SBS and RABS teams are taking part in the exercise.

The main parts of the exercise conducted by the Navy are as follows:

* Embarkation of troops and war materials to the Naval Ships at a friendly harbour/beach area

* Movement to the objective area through sea under war situation

* Disembarkation of troops and war materials to small landing craft and high speed boats

* Amphibious assault and landing in the enemy territory

* Special operations by the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) the Sri Lanka Navy for securing the beach head, reconnaissance missions, gathering intelligence and clearing the underwater obstacles in the landing area.

Providing Naval Gun Fire Support (NGFS) by the ship in order to neutralize the enemy target during the amphibious landing.


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